Bass Player Editor Award

"Detailed and even frequency response; excellent off-axis projection;

light; monstrous power handling"

Bass Player Magazine reviewed some of our most iconic cabs, the Big Baby 2 and the Big Twin 2 in their January 2016 issue, and attributed them a Bass Player Editor Award! We are very proud of this distinction which is the reward of many years of researching, designing and making bass cabinets in the best possible way. Read the review here.

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Discover what the Big Twin 2 can do - Click here


Unconventional design, oustanding cabs

Here at Barefaced, we don't take anything for granted and we're always looking for improvements until we know we are doing things in the best possible way. We're not afraid to challenge speaker conventions and we produce innovative designs built around a desire for maximum tone and sonic performance for gigging musicians.

We don't leave anything to chance, and you'll find that all the elements that make up our cabs are carefully researched and designed. Click on the links below to find out more about the conception of our custom 12XN550 drivers, Generation 3 Enclosures, ports and hardware.


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