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You may have noticed that Barefaced have leapt forwards with a whole new range of Generation Three cabs for 2014. Here's the low down lowdown on what's so special about them plus some advice on amp matching:

The Generation Three development process

The radical new 12XN550 driver

A shift from 3-way to 2-way in the Big Series range

The best timing ever for any bass guitar loudspeaker?

Our new approach to LF optimisation

Real world sensitivity - loud when it actually matters!

Generation Three enclosures -  done even better

Ports matter a lot - we do them right!

Better hardware for a tough gigging life

Recommended amplifier power for G3 models


Generation Three user manual

Click on this link to get the pdf manual!


Older technical articles

Sound and the production of it is a pretty complicated subject so over the coming months we intend to explain the following subjects in the hope of creating a world of better informed and thus better sounding and better playing bassists! If you're wondering about anything amplification or tone related then send us a question and it may inspire yet another (hopefully) useful article.


(we used to have some) Sound Files (here)

(but they're not here now!)


When a high performance pro-audio woofer is fresh out of the box its suspension is very stiff. This means that the woofer is over-damped in the low frequencies compared to its design parameters, resulting in thinner bass response and lower efficiency. It also means that the woofer is under-damped in the mid and high frequencies, resulting in worse control of the higher frequency break-up modes and thus a harsher sound. During the first few hours of high SPL use the suspension loosens up and settles into its long-term design parameters. It doesn't change a vast amount but it's certainly noticeable.

The simplest way to break in your woofers in is to play bass through it - the louder the gig or rehearsal, the quicker the woofers will loosen up. We used to put a low frequency sine wave sample up here for customers to use to speed up the process but having had one 12" woofer blown (no-one has ever blown one of our 12" woofers in gigging use) and far too many emails asking about the procedure, we're no longer recommending you do this.

Full Pink Noise for reference:

If you suspect your cab is suffering after an intense gig, you can use this pink noise sample at very low volume to check the woofer(s) and/or mid and/or tweeter is working. If you play this sample at high SPL you risk blowing the mid and/or high frequency components as its power distribution is unnaturally hard on tweeters and suchlike. Please email us for assistance if you're needing to play this sample, we want to help!

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