Super Fifteen

The Super Fifteen has been superseded by the Generation Three models - Super Twin and Big Twin 2 - and also by the Retro '69er and Retro 215.


The old school big cab sound

With added punch, style, and lighter and more portable than you ever dreamt possible...

The Super Fifteen is smaller than traditional 2x15" cabs but still big enough to give fairly deep bass response and is loaded with the same fullrange drivers as the Compact to give you all the punch and brightness you need, allied to the huge sensitivity and maximum output of a dual 15" design.

How does this differ to The Compact?

  • even more sensitivity
  • twice as much power handling
  • bigger lows due to coupling but more treble due to its height
  • basically it is TWO Compacts in ONE big box

What difference does this make in the real world?

  • more sensitivity - you could gig with a 100W amp if you wanted to
  • greater power handling - this cab will take full output from the most powerful bass amps you can buy
  • greater maximum output - stupidly loud
  • you frighten your bandmates with your ridiculously manly rig

Anything else?

Not a lot. We discontinued the Vintage because there was barely a single person still using theirs with a valve amp - no point making a cab valve amp width if almost everyone's gone with smaller solidstate heads! Ever since we came up with the Super Twelve bracing/construction scheme we've been thinking about using that on all our larger cabs (the ones with wheels) and so we've taken the Vintage and kicked it around until it fitted that format. As with all our cabs, polar response is an obsession because we care about the real world of gigging - so we use vertically aligned woofers - whilst we use offset baffle positioning for minimum diffraction and thus more even mids. The Super Fifteen is more compact yet stronger and stiffer than its predecessor with the same ball-busting performance. Nice.

So to recap: The best fullrange 15" speakers you can buy, loaded into a superlight yet stiff and non-resonant cab with the excellent consideration of critical acoustic details such as internal reflections and resonances and port behaviour that Barefaced is known for. Or alternatively, two Compacts in one box for those that always play LOUD!




Super Fifteen


36" high x 21" wide x 16" deep     90cm x 53cm x 40cm

49lbs / 22kg
BROADBAND Sensitivity
103dB - Loud, really really LOUD!
Usable Frequency Range
31Hz - 4kHz
Recommended Amp Power
100-1200W RMS
Max continous BROADBAND Output
133dB - matches or betters any 8x10", 4x12" or 2x15"
4 ohms

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