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"Tailored, coloured bass sound", "Great sounding"

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"Vintage tone, quick, transient attack and smooth, velvety lows", "Exceptional build quality, innovative design and fabulous customer service"

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The Two10 - the best old school sounding small cab ever?

  • A miniature version of the Six10 for less LOUD scenarios or to stack up as a modular version
  • Based around our unique 10CR250 driver, a retro sounding high output ferrite 10" loudspeaker
  • Using our innovative hybrid enclosure which sounds and feels like a sealed cab but can play loud and bring the thunder like a ported cab
  • Built strong, light and stiff for maximum gigging ease and great tone
  • NEW SWITCHABLE IMPEDANCE - 4 ohm for solo use, 12 ohm to stack


10CR250 - the ultimate old school driver?

Like our ground-breaking 12XN550, the 10CR has excellent polar response thanks to its cunning cone design but has a softer prettier smoother tone which flatter classic bass sounds, from clean to dirty. It has unusually high volume displacement for a 10" bass guitar driver so it can produce big lows without farting out and its unique voice coil and diaphragm have extended treble response giving clarity without harshness.

Retro10 hybrid resonator enclosure

This mimics the transfer function of a classic sealed cab - a bump in the upper bass for that fat old school feel plus a shallow 12dB/octave roll-off through the lows for tight well controlled bottom which works well in all kinds of venues and keeps sound engineers happy. The Retro10 hybrid resonant system increases the back pressure on the drivers, reducing their excursion and improving their efficiency and increasing the maximum bass output thanks to the extra air movement provided by the resonator.

Barefaced line array

Both drivers in the Two10 work in unison to produce big bass and punchy mids but to improve dispersion only one has treble output - just like a PA line array.

It might seem counter-intuitive but the dispersion of a wave source is inversely proportion to the size of the source vs the wavelength - so side by side 10" drivers can have good dispersion through the lows and lower mids but once you get into the higher mids and treble the lateral dispersion narrows drastically. By only letting higher mids and treble come from one speakers we get much better dispersion through those frequencies so you have more consistent tone around the stage and venue. Not something you'll notice in a shop but something that can feel life changing on noisy gigs.


Two 10 Vertical

Sideways or upright - your choice!

The Two10 cab be used horizontally for maximum thump or vertically for increased clarity. Dispersion is equally good either way around. With three cabs or more we don't recommend vertical stacking because the height gets a bit silly!

Switchable 4 or 12 ohm impedance as standard!

Set to 12 ohms you can use up to three cabs with a solidstate amp with a 4 ohm minimum load. Many solidstate amps will run four cabs because the resulting 3 ohm load is easy enough. When using one 12 ohm cab you'll get 2/3 of the power you'd normally get into an 8 ohm cab but unlike most small 8 ohm cabs the Two10 will handle all that power without distorting so will usually play louder.

With valve/tube amps you should use the 8 ohm or 16 ohm tap with with it set to 12 ohms, 8 ohm or 4 ohm tap with two cabs at 12 ohm, 4 ohm tap with three cabs at 12 ohms, 2 or 4 ohm tap with four cabs at 12 ohms, 2 ohm tap with five or six cabs at 12 ohms.

Switch the cab to 4 ohms to get maximum power out of low power amps if you intend to only use one cab or for using with valve amps whose highest impedance tap is 4 ohms. Two cabs can be used with amps which run down to 2 ohms.

Retro Two-10 Stack

Retro10 10CR vs Generation 3 12XN  models?

The main difference is in how the drivers perform in their respective enclosures:

Speaker driver comparison


The Generation 3 12XN cabs were designed for minimum colouration within their design bandwidth whilst the Retro10 10CR cabs were designed to have a flattering colouration for bass guitar. The other important point to note is that the Retro Two10 has very high sensitivity for its size which makes it ideal for use with lower powered amps, especially valve (tube) amps - and the flattering colouration also extends to making an overdriven amp sound less gnarly (an amp which is on the limit sounds extremely in your face through a 12XN cab!) Obviously it's only a small cab so you'll need to stack up a few if you want to get LOUD with not much power.


TWO 10 Triple stack






15" high x 24" wide x 13" deep         38cm x 61cm x 33cm


14 kg / 31 lbs (steel grill)
13 kg / 28 lbs (cloth grill)

BROADBAND Sensitivity
Usable Frequency Range
30Hz - 6kHz
Recommended Amp Power

100-500W RMS
(safe with up to 800W if you're running fairly clean sounds)

Maximum Output

Switchable 4/12 ohms

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