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FOUR 10 Title


Four10 - only 30 years late to the party!


In the early '80s Trace Elliot launched the first dedicated bass guitar 4x10" cab. A few years later SWR's Goliath had its debut and changed the face of bass forever. Like those early 4x10"s the Barefaced Four10 makes a hell of a lot of noise with very little power into it - it's super efficient. Rather than make a pastiche of those old cabs we've thrown a load of brain power and R&D effort at this design, keeping the good stuff like tone and loudness and fixing the not so good bits.

Classic 4x10" problem vs Barefaced Four10 solution

  • Poor dispersion: Barefaced Line Array & 10CR250 cone design
  • Weak lows at high SPL: 10CR250 motor/surround design
  • Heavy: Ultra lightweight gig tough cabinet
  • Cumbersome: Hybrid Resonator Enclosure & recessed bar handles
  • Boomy or thin bass: Hybrid Resonator Enclosure
  • Muddy or harsh treble: 10CR250 concentric midrange dome & no tweeter


10CR250 - the ultimate 10" driver?

Like our ground-breaking 12XN550, the 10CR has excellent polar response thanks to its cunning cone design but has a warmer smoother tone which flatter classic bass sounds, from clean to dirty. It has unusually high volume displacement for a 10" bass guitar driver so it can produce big lows without farting out and its unique voice coil and diaphragm with concentric midrange dome have extended treble response and superior dispersion giving clarity without harshness.

Four Four 10s


Hybrid Resonator Enclosure

Efficient 10" speakers like to either be in smaller sealed cabs or larger ported cabs. The downside of small sealed cabs is that although they feel nice and tight in the lows, they tend to sound a bit thin unless you use a few 4x10"s at once or stack them with more bassy cabs - plus they don't handle that much bass power before distorting. The downside of the larger ported cabs is that they're rarely large enough, hence that somewhat boomy bass you get from many ported 4x10"s.

Our unique Hybrid Resonator Enclosure has the tight punchy feel of a sealed cab but with greater bass weight yet none of the boom of an undersized ported cab. The broadband resonant loading of the woofers reduces cone excursion and increases cab sensitivity, which together increases the maximum bass output by over 50%.

Barefaced Line Array

All four drivers in the Four10 work in unison to produce big bass and punchy mids but to improve dispersion only one column of two has treble output - just like a PA line array.

It might seem counter-intuitive but the dispersion of a wave source is inversely proportion to the size of the source vs the wavelength - so side by side 10" drivers can have good dispersion through the lows and lower mids but once you get into the higher mids and treble the lateral dispersion narrows drastically. By only letting higher mids and treble come from one column of speakers we get much better dispersion through those frequencies so you have more consistent tone around the stage and venue. Not something you'll notice in a shop but something that can feel life changing on noisy gigs.

How does this compare tonally to classic 4x10"s?

Compared to a Trace 1048 it's fatter and warmer sounding with less honk. Compared to an SWR Goliath it's tighter but deeper in the lows with more midrange weight. Compared to an Ampeg 410HE it's bigger in the lows and more transparent through the mids. Compared to an Ampeg 410HLF it's tighter in the lows and stronger in the mids. Compared to these cabs with their tweeters turned right down the Four10 has more treble clarity around the room, whilst with the horns all the way up the Four10 sounds more mellow but more consistent, without that sonic gap betwen woofer and tweeter in the low treble region.

10CR250 Chart



24" high x 24" wide x 13" deep
61cm x 61cm x 33cm


24 kg / 53 lbs (steel grill)
22.5 kg / 49 lbs (cloth grill)

BROADBAND Sensitivity
101dB - a few hundred watts will upset drummerists
Usable Frequency Range
25Hz - 6kHz
Recommended Amp Power

75-1000W RMS

Maximum Output
~131dB (offensively loud)
8 or 2 ohms

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