DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - replaced by Six10, Eight10 or Big Twin 2.

The first bass cab specifically designed for Jah!

The Dubster's name tell you what it's designed to do. Ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub. Or indeed any other genre where you like to use a tone that is all about the lows and nothing about the highs. If you think this could be the cab for you then get in touch and we'll work out if you're right!

I'm confused, this looks just like the Super Fifteen - what's the difference?

  • completely different woofers
  • different enclosure alignment

So how does that affect the performance?

  • much mellower upper midrange and essentially zero treble output
  • much greater excursion-limited power handling for unprecedented quantities of bottom

What can this cab do?

With a 200W amp pushing it this cab produces similar output to 100W into a classic 8x10" but with much greater depth and fatness in the lows. That's plenty loud enough for smaller indoor reggae gigs. Stick 1500W into it from one of the biggest bass amps on the market or a bridged power amp and you'll get similar bass output to two 8x10" stacks in unison at full blast (the 8x10"s will have a bit more mid-bass boom, the Dubster will have more fatness and depth down low).

But how? That seems impossible!

It's all about moving air with this kind of bass sound and these woofers have the volume displacement to move a ton of air whilst this port can support them low down without choking on the sheer amount of air that it too has to move. It's not dissimilar to a high-end 2x15" PA sub in its abilities, but tuned to suit reggae bass rather than PA subwoofer duties, which makes it smaller and louder, plus these woofers go higher than normal subwoofer drivers so there's enough punch in the midrange for you to be heard as well as felt.

What makes this cab capable of such enormous bass output?

  • A pair of unusually high excursion yet sensitive 15" woofers
  • A tuned port with very large cross-sectional area
  • An enclosure alignment for maximum output where it really matters for reggae bass
  • An enclosure constructed to be stiff enough for all that bass energy to come out as sound rather than wasted vibrations

Anything else?

You probably won't care because you thought you'd need a couple of huge cabs to get this kind of bottom but this cab is also unusually light for its size. Built the uniquely cunning Barefaced way with complex internal stressed bracing and dual-density plywood resulting in no unnecessary extra weight, it actually weighs less than half what its size would lead you to expect!

Oh yes, and if you're into Doom (the mutant offspring of early Sabbath) then this cab is ideal for providing the foundation of your sound as you then pile up suitably nasty and dirty sounding speakers around it for your mids and highs.



36" high x 21" wide x 16" deep         90cm x 53cm x 40cm

49lbs / 22kg
LF Sensitivity
101dB - That is a LOT of bottom!
Usable Frequency Range
31Hz - 1.5kHz
Recommended Amp Power
200-1500W RMS
Maximum LF Output
135dB - comparable to two 8x10"s
4 ohms

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