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Big Twin - our flagship model

This is not your normal bass cab - not even close! There are other 2-way and 3-way cabs with midrange drivers. There are other cabs with relatively high-excursion woofers in low tuned cabs. There are even other cabs with complicated crossovers. But there are none with this combination of weaponry. But what sets this cab apart in tone and performance?

Deep tight bottom, rich punchy mids and smooth clear treble...

...and enough volume to thunder through the loudest rock or metal band. As our customers know all our Barefaced cabs can play LOUD, especially for their size - and unsurprisingly our biggest cab goes stupid loud. All the complex design features combine to give the Big Twin the most potent combination of bottom, punch and clarity of any production bass cab. Tired of battling bad venue acoustics? Tired of your tone being great at small gigs but falling apart when it gets loud? Tired of not being able to hear yourself? This is the solution. Reclaim your space in the mix, whatever your tonal leanings!

The lows - high excursion woofers and a huge port

Each 12" woofer in the Big Twin can individually move as much air as two normal 12"s (not cheap 12"s, the nice 12"s found in all the usual fancy name cabs). This means that the 2x12" Big Twin can put out as much loudness in the bottom as a good 4x12"

The 'over-sized' enclosure lets these woofers resonate easily at low frequencies so you get much deeper cleaner bass response - like that from a really really nice PA subwoofer - clean, pure and tight, no boom or mud, just thunder at your fingertips! The vast port area means that even at ear punishing SPL you retain that fatness and depth in the bottom - when the air in normal sized ports is moving so fast that you're losing most of that bottom to friction and turbulence. Doesn't matter if you don't play LOUD or don't want massive lows at lower volumes but if you do then it really does - if you love reggae bottom one day and metal volume the next then this cab does it all.

The mids - pistonic woofers and a fantastic midrange driver

The woofers in the Big Twin don't just woof - they push out very punchy and quick mids and then before their dispersion narrows or they become non-pistonic our high-order crossover transfers the load to our high output midrange driver. Most midrange drivers found in bass cabs are simple closed back models (easier to build a cab like that because you don't need a sub-enclosure) which exhibit much higher distortion and less smooth response, and/or have lower sensitivity and power handling. The benefits of our superior components and design really shine through on loud gigs, especially when the rest of the band is treading on your sonic space and the acoustics are being difficult. Other cabs may sound similar in the bedroom but it's the tone on the gig that counts!

The highs - that low THD midrange driver and tweeter

For most bass players the smooth sweet treble output from out midrange driver is perfect for them - it remains very clean and the treble roll-off is remarkably consistent both on and off-axis. Turning up the tweeter shows how high-fidelity the Big Twin is - play some recorded music through it and marvel at how it makes your home stereo sound muddy (unless you have a really really expensive hi-fi!) If you need more upper midrange and treble output there is a switchable attenuator on the midrange part of the crossover, which effectively gives you a 5dB boost from 1kHz, for when you need more bite to cut through. Note that the tweeter can be run anywhere from completely off to full blast, using the continuous rotary attenuator to tweak it.

Almost physics-defying detailed design!

We planned to launch this cab about a year before we did - and at that point it had already had more R&D time than a few dozen conventional bass cabs put together! But we sweated every little detail - place this cab next to a typical 2x12" and it is huge - but it weighs less than any of them and has tiltback wheels and three handles so it's dead easy to move. Normally a cab built this light would suffer from weak lows and woolly mids due to the panels resonating - but our advanced anti-harmonic bracing makes the cab strong enough to handle life on the road whilst being so stiff that nothing vibrates.

The enclosure size pays back twofold - much much deeper lows than a conventional 2x12" with no cost to sensitivity. And the height makes it easier to hear in loud bands on small stages - there's a reason 8x10" cabs have remained popular!

Our unique crossover has huge power handling and steep slopes for maximum output and optimum polar response but achieves this with as few components as possible - it would be have been simpler to add the usual impedance 'correction' components seen in hi-fi cabs (which have similar topology but much less heavy duty crossovers) but that would reduce sensitivity (and thus cut maximum output) and increase the load on your amp, whilst increasing price and weight. Instead we designed, modelled, built and measured over and over again, and went through numerous iterations until we had the performance we wanted with the simplest yet most accurate crossover. It's still huge, complex and heavy compared to a normal bass cab crossover but without this optimisation you'd be carrying an amp's worth of superfluous components.






Big Twin



36" high x 21" wide x 16" deep
90cm x 53cm x 40cm

57 lbs (26kg)

BROADBAND Sensitivity
98dB - similar to a conventional boutique 2x12"
30Hz - 22kHz
Recommended Amp Power
300-1500W RMS
Maximum LF & BROADband Output
127dB -similar to a high quality 6x10" or 4x12" but with bigger lows
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms

(+£60 for silver cloth grill)

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