FR800 high resolution active loudspeaker

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Huge sound, tiny size!

About four years ago we used the original Big Baby T cabs as a PA system and everyone who heard it was blown away by the clarity, depth and tone - they couldn't believe such a massive sound was coming from two small cabs. The all-new FR800 represents the logical conclusion of that concept - a true full-range active PA loudspeaker.

How does it do what it does?

  • The lows and low-mids come from one ultra-high output 12XN550 woofer, with comparable bass output to a good 15" sub and the transient response and resolution you'd expect from a studio monitor

  • The highs and high-mids come from a low distortion neodymium compression driver on a constant directivity waveguide - treble dispersion that lights up the whole venue with extreme clarity

  • Powered by an 800W audiophile quality class D module with DSP and SMPS - massive output and headroom with stunning sound quality

  • Extremely rigid yet freakishly lightweight dual-density ply enclosure for maximum tone, maximum strength and minimum hassle

  • Four DSP presets for maximum versatility:
  1. Neutral

  2. Deep

  3. Free-space neutral

  4. Free-space deep

What is this for? Accurate high SPL sound reproduction!

Two FR800s on stands can replace a typical dual tops plus sub PA system, with better sound quality and vastly reduced size and weight. Ideal for any bands who bring their own PA and don't want to compromise on sound.

How loud can it go? You can't beat physics!

Very very loud. Physics is not being beaten - we're just using an incredible 12" driver with very high efficiency and linear power handling and a perfectly matched amp with lots of power - plus some digital signal processing to optimise things even better.

What is their limit?

If you need to get LOUD then an audience of up to 200 is their sensible limit. At lower levels they can handle much bigger crowds. In particularly large rooms or outdoors you may need to add one or more LF800 active subwoofers. Note that the LF800 does not extend the bass response, it just increases output and headroom by sharing the load in the most demanding region of the spectrum.

Is this only designed to be used as a PA speaker? No!

The FR800 is able to reproduce any audio signal (within its design bandwidth) with extreme accuracy at punishing sound pressure level. It is far too powerful for home hi-fi use and does not go deep enough for cinema subwoofer purposes but it will do almost anything else. Suggested alternate uses:

  • Keyboards

  • Bass guitar

  • Double bass

  • Acoustic instruments

  • PA subwoofer

  • Large format studio monitor

Usage specific optimisation

Owners can download alternate DSP presets for the above purposes or to adjust input voltage sensitivity to suit their output gear (mixers/preamps). Units can be pre-programmed with any of these DSP presets by the factory so you can get on with making music straight away!

Hardware and accessories

Equipped with two side handles for easy lifting onto stands, a metal standmount insert on the base, and four vibration damping rubber feet on the base. Handles and stand fitting all placed at the balance points for ease of handling. Tough textured acrylic finish, metal corners and powder coated steel grill to withstand life on the road. Requires PowerCon cable for mains power and XLR cable for signal, all available from Barefaced in various lengths and with various mains connections (UK/EU/US/IEC plugs).

FR800 Backplate

FR800 Backplate

Big Baby II



22" high x 17.7" wide x 14.6" deep
56cm x 45cm x 37cm

15 kg / 33 lbs


80 degrees horizontal
50 degrees vertical

Frequency response

42Hz - 16kHz (-3dB)

Amplifier Power

1200W peak
800W RMS long-term burst
600W RMS continuous

Voltage Requirement

180-264V / 50Hz (230V nominal)
90-132V / 60Hz (110V nominal)
(internally switchable)

127dB - higher than any equally compact PA cab with reasonable bass response (NB: calculated peak SPL as quoted by most other manufacturers is vastly higher)


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