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The first bass cab accidentally designed for Jah!

Many years ago, we were messing around with the 15" woofers we used to use in the Big One (the Gen 1 predecessor of the BB2 and BT2) and realised that for reggae influenced bass styles they had plenty of midrange and just enough treble to give you a great sound - and huge output thanks to their volume displacement. So we put two in our Super Fifteen 2x15" cab and called it THE DUBSTER. It was very niche, we didn't sell many but everyone who bought one loved it - and we continue to get enquiries asking to order them nowadays.

So, this is its successor - The Dubster 2

It's even smaller and lighter than the original version and can handle a whole lot more power. It goes quite a lot lower. It's actually a passive version of our awe-inspiring LF1400 subwoofer, so you can use it as:

1. A standalone reggae/dub/dancehall/etc bass cab

2. A passive PA subwoofer

3. A bass cab bottom run full-range to add clean depth, weight, thump and punch to your rig without getting in the way of the tone of your top cab(s).

4. The bottom end of a biamp or triamp bass rig.

Our most advanced enclosure yet:

  • Serious rigidity for maximum attack and pure bass tone.
  • Reinforced corners and edges for touring toughness.
  • Huge ports tuned to optimise depth, output and speed.
  • Incredibly low weight.

How to use this with other cabs:

Like your Big Baby 2 but want a ton more output for outdoor gigs? Put one of these underneath, run parallel from your amp. Need even more output? Bridge a PA power amp into it and crank it LOUD. Don't worry about a crossover, they blend really well.

Like your Two10? Do the same - stack it on top of the Dubster 2 in the 12 ohm setting. Or power it with another amp for more output. They're identical widths so look great together.

With your Four10? Put an 8 ohm Four10 on a 4 ohm Dubster, with a big valve amp on top. Use another power amp to drive the Dubster 2 for even more thunder. Like the classic 4x10" + 1x15" rig but done better!

That's just three examples - it's a great way of adding bottom and output to your rig. If you really like the colouration of your current cabs but wish they did better lows and went louder, stick one of them on a Dubster 2, increase your output and lows, decrease the size/weight of your rig, but keep your sound.

Options, options, options - special order only!

You can have this with tolex or our textured acrylic finish, whatever best matches your rig, as standard options. Or you can go custom for more exotic looks. You can have a 4 or 8 ohm driver - whatever best works with the amps in your rig.

When used for PA - professional tour sub sound quality

This subwoofer has all that. In terms of sonic performance and sheer output it's just like any top price pro touring 1x18" and if you've compared one of them head to head with typical semi-pro gear you'll know how much more potent they are.

Compact size, ridiculously low weight

Unlike those pro touring 1x18" cabs you can move this on your own - it's the size of a typical 4x10" bass cab and weighs about half as much. It's probably lighter than your band’s 1x12" 15W valve guitar combo.

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Barefaced monocoque spaceframe enclosure

This is the heart of all Barefaced products - a complex internal spaceframe that interlocks with the outer panels, precisely CNC machined from light yet tough dual density plywood. The end result is uniquely strong, stiff and approximately 60% lighter than a traditional cabinet. Every detail has been considered, optimising the enclosure volume and tuning, the reflex port design, the bracing and the gigging practicalities such as the form format, centre of gravity, handles, and so on.

Faital Pro 18" neo 2400W driver

This Faital Pro subwoofer is a beast. The FEA designed aluminium basket and neo magnet reduce its weight to less than a third of a comparable ferrite driver, whilst reducing distortions and improving transient response. The huge voice coil and motor venting reduces thermal compression for improved output and sonic accuracy and makes it almost impossible to blow. The cone and suspension is built to withstand touring use, being water resistant, allowing very high linear excursion and protecting the driver from abusive over-excursion.

Why do I need this?

You want the best reggae bass sound you've ever heard. You're downtuning and want more bottom than your rig can provide. You want the ultimate clean/dirty biamp rig. You're sick of your band's PA sounding feeble. You're sick of blowing up subwoofers. You're sick of hauling huge heavy subwoofers. You're looking for a subwoofer for your band and you want the best one on the market, that has the right balance of size, weight, output, tone and cost - if you find something you think might be better, let us know!

Just one more thing...

If you like to experiment with super low tuning (like down towards 20Hz fundamentals or blelow), crazy synth stuff, and so on, you can retune this cab even lower by plugging the ports. 99.999% of bassists wouldn't want/need to but the option is there for the extreme minority. Grill off, block one or more port sections with foam, grill back on. Tidy. The lows will sound leaner but go deeper like this - turn up your bass knob to bring the fatness back, with even more depth. This 18" driver can handle so much power you can tune it super low if you want.

LF1400 Subwoofer


24" high x 24" wide x 18.5" deep
61cm x 61cm x 47cm
21 kg / 46 lbs
25Hz - 2kHz
200-2400W RMS
4 or 8 ohms (choose when ordering)
UK = £1149 (+£60 P&P)
EU = £1239 (inc. shipping)
USA = £1159 (inc. shipping)

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