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Please click here to visit the new Barefaced Audio website!


(This is the old Barefaced Bass website, which has not been updated since 2018)

November 2018 update - we have a new website for buying your Barefaced cab!


Go and check out www.barefacedaudio.com !!! The purchasing process is much easier now - you can add all your accessories, and everything is paid for in one go via debit or credit card or paypal (or some of the various newer payment methods). Nice and simple, wherever you are in the world. We'll still check your order throughly, make sure you're ordering the right cab for your needs.

Still chuffed with the One10 BP Editor's award: Some magazines seem to review gear by trying it at home, then reword the marketing speak, and always give it a good score because they're scared of losing advertisers. BP Mag actually test the gear properly, which makes their reviews actually useful! They had our One10 cabs for two years before this review was written, so very thorough testing indeed. Read it here: "The most badass tiny cab out there".

The current lead time is back down to only a few weeks. When your order has been constructed tested and packed, shipping to the UK and USA is next working day. Shipping to the rest of the world is less than a week.

When we do have models in stock we will state this availability on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - please like/follow us if you'd like to keep up to date on all Barefaced news.

Ordering and payment

Simply click the "Buy Now" button to be taken through to our new webshop, where you can then choose your options and accessories, enter all your details and complete your order in one go. We'll check that you've discussed your needs beforehand and if you haven't we'll ask some questions in your order confirmation email - if you could reply to those asap then your order won't be delayed.

Or get in touch via the contact form or email barefacedbass@gmail.com

Local collection

If you live near Brighton you can arrange to collect your cab rather than have it couriered. Please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date and time. If you'd like to try some of our cabs then please email or phone and arrange a time to pop in. We also have a number of demo cabs which we're happy to loan out for gigs/rehearsals.

Our normal visiting hours are 0930-1630, Mon-Fri.

Trial period and returns policy

We offer a ONE MONTH trial period* from your date of receipt of the cab until your date of returned postage - no trying these cabs in a shop and finding out they don't work on the gig. Use the trial period to give your cab a true workout so you can be confident it will provide you with tone and volume for years to come. Give the cab a good few hours of loud use to both loosen up the drivers and let your ears adjust to your new tone.

If you have not been in touch before ordering, we will ask you a few questions to make sure it's the right cab for you. If you choose to buy a cab which we state is not the best fit for you, then the trial period is no longer applicable and cabs cannot be returned (unless faulty).

Should you find your purchase unsatisfactory in any way you have the right to return your cab within the first month, undamaged, for a full refund of both your purchase price and the outbound postage and packing charge. Please retain all the original packaging and do your best when repacking to ensure the cab will survive the return journey - if the cab is damaged due to inadequate protection you will be liable.

If you're in the UK, unless you prefer to arrange an alternative method, returned cabs will be collected by courier and the cost deducted from your refund. Our smaller cabs cost £30 to return to us, our larger cabs £40. Returns from elsewhere in Europe need to arranged by yourself at your own cost.

*We cannot offer the one month trial period on the Eight10 as it is built to order or on any models shipped to customers outside Europe due to high transport costs.

Options and accessories

All our cabs apart from the guitar range and the Six10 and Eight10 come with black steel grills as standard. Silver cloth grills are extra cost options on all the bass cabs. As well as our awesome bass and PA cabs we can also supply 1/4" cables, Speakon cables, Powercon cables, covers and T-shirts.



We receive quite a few enquiries about custom cabs, so here's the situation:

1. Specific customisation options are availible to order on our new webshop. 

Coloured baffles - https://barefacedaudio.com/products/custom-baffle-colour

Custom grill cloth - https://barefacedaudio.com/products/custom-grill

Custom tolex covering - https://barefacedaudio.com/products/custom-tolex

(custom tolex is not availible for the 12XN bass cabinet range)

2. If the customisation is something more complicated, like changing the size/shape/tuning of a cab or even designing a whole new cab, then we'll consider it. However, we'll only go ahead with it if it's something that could become part of our product range - so making a model 1" shorter to fit in the boot of your car wouldn't qualify!

3. The most common request we get is: "Can you make a 1x15"/2x15" etc?" The answer to that is, yes we can but we really don't need to. Our 12XN and 10CR cabs can thunder better than the best 15" cabs you can buy. But if there's a good reason for us to spend some time designing a new cab then we will. For instance, we'd quite like to make a 4x12" with our special drivers but we need someone in a REALLY LOUD BAND to want one! We've also had some completely crazy ideas about a sealed active 6x12" with flat response down to about 20Hz...


Value vs Pricing

We would love to make these cabs less expensive but we believe in paying the extra to use the best quality components and the ultra-lightweight but very stiff cabinets take a long time to build. Furthermore all our cabs are hand-built here in the UK rather than mass-produced overseas by lower paid workers. We keep prices down by selling most of our cabs direct but our improved production efficiency means we can now sell through selected specialist retailers if they're willing to accept a lower profit margin than typical.

Don't compare these speaker cabinets with equally small or light ones - compare them with what they could replace! Spend a bit more, get the cab you really want, and then gig it for years and years and years.


Manufacturer's warranty

We cover your Barefaced loudspeaker system against any defects in construction, parts or performance for three years from the original shipping date, to the original owner. If you are lucky enough to acquire a Barefaced cab secondhand then please contact us to register as an owner. We do not officially transfer the warranty from owner to owner because we cannot be sure whether the previous owner treated their cab in a manner befitting its loveliness but we do guarantee to provide good support in the event that your used Barefaced product develops any problems. The warranty does not cover damage due to any kind of abuse - please note that although our components are very tough they are not indestructible and any attempts to claim despite abuse are unlikely to be successful as it is relatively easy for an experienced technician to determine how a component was damaged.

Please feel free to demand extremely high SPL output from our products without fear of failure but do not waste your time trying to unscientifically find their limits, blown components are expensive to replace.

This warranty is voided by any attempt to modify, improve, or reverse engineer the speaker.


Intellectual property rights

Although we do not claim any of our current models contain features which are patent pending they are unique in many ways when compared to other speaker cabinets within the bass guitar amplification field. Any demonstrable theft of our intellectual property will face litigation.

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