2016 - Generation 3 - 10CR range

One10 - June 2016 (UK)

I’ve only had my One10 for for a few days and I’m really pleased with it. The build quality is superb and it definitely is ‘Hernia free’ weight and size wise.  I originally intended to use it with a Mesa Diesel 1x15 cab. It sounds great with this combination and I hear my bass tone much much clearer than before. I think the biggest surprise was how good it sounds on its own, especially with my tube amplifier. The One10 seems to need a bit more power than my other cabs to sound as loud and I’m guessing the CR250 driver might not be as sensitive as the EVM 15L in my Boogie cab or the Celestion 70/80’s in my old Musicman RH212?

It’s perhaps an unfair comparison to make to two very much bigger cabs but I’m genuinely amazed at what comes out the One10 when it gets going.

My favorite setup so far is the One10 with my 1982 Marshall JCM800. Being an all British setup, and especially with my Overwater the sound with this combo is fabulous. My experience with the One10 so far has made me think the Two10 may have been a better all round cab for me but then it would probably have rendered my other cabs defunct! I may order another One10 in the future to enhance the single unit and return my Marshall to the horizontal J

For now, I’m loving the One10 with my (slightly precarious) tube rig and will experiment more at rehearsals using my ABM amps for a super portable setup.

Thank you for a great product, and best wishes to all the BF team.




Two10 - June 2016 (USA)

I've had it for over an hour and a half now.  It is just gorgeous.  I can't believe how quickly it got here and in breathtaking condition.

I am so glad I ordered the cover, it's just perfect .. the drop-over design with fold-over-and-Velcro keep at the bottom is exactly what I hoped for.  Nice and heavy padding, too.

And the T-shirt even fits.  So far I couldn't be more pleased with everything.

My Reiner Studio1200 fits perfectly when the cab is standing up, and when on its side the amp again fits perfectly and straddles the cab handle just so, without the handle touching the amp.

This will make for one-trip load-ins for me, with my Ric case in one hand, the Two10 in the other, and Studio1200 slung over my shoulder.

All this high degree of being pleased and I haven't even played it yet.  Waiting for my lovely wife to wake up.  You know, she had to get up early (before the crack of noon) to receive this for me, so she is getting her nap out.  It's incredible - this thing left your shop late Friday afternoon (I think), and was here in Oklahoma acclimatizing in my front entryway just before 10am this morning!

More later.  For now:  thanks so much.


PS:  I am 50 years old and have been buying electronics since I was 5, and I can tell you this is absolutely the most well and intelligently packed piece of gear I have ever received.

Update: Barefaced friends,

I am supremely pleased with my cabinet and have posted on TB very positive comments about my experience purchasing and playing it.

I couldn't be more pleased with my cabinet, you, and your operation.

Thank you!


One10 - June 2016 (USA)

Just wanted to let you know that I am loving my new One 10. Sounds great with all my basses.



One10 - June 2016 (UK)

Been gigging my One10 for a while now. In short, it's fantastic. Thought I may ultimately need two of them for bigger gigs, but I don't. The amount of low-end this puts out really is revolutionary for a 10" driver. Very lush sound across the range, though. You really would think you were playing through a much bigger cab and it's SO light! I'm recommending it to anyone who will listen! Very well done.



Four10 - May 2016 (New Zealand)

Just wanted to let you know I am totally enamoured of the Four 10 and frankly none of my (embarrassingly too many) other cabs are getting a look in. The Four 10 is a natural fit with each of my four tube heads, it has its own character which is just what I hear in my head for my more r'n'b/blues style of playing, but it also still lets the nuances of each different head come through. Despite the delivery mix up I am very happy with the metal grill and will stick with that in the future. I have just replied to my fourth private message on Talkbass about it, so seem to be an unofficial ambassador for the Four 10. I hope it is transferring into sales for you. I am still contemplating getting a 12 ohm Two 10 to place on top, although I have yet to get close to the limits of the Four 10. If I do so I would probably get a four ohm crossover sent at the same time in case I ended up using it more as a single cab.

Many thanks, Tim


One10 - May 2016 (Russia)

Thank you for having the opportunity to enjoy my One10 cab. This little bad boy has some serious power! Let me please share my impressions of this little boy.
It really needs some hours to play to "open up" the tone and I think I start to notice the progress after the first 3 hours loud band practice.

One10 can really handle bass on its own in a medium volume band setting during practice, my band mates were shocked when they realized the sound was coming not from the usual 410 cab but from the tiny black box in the corner of our rehearsal room :)

The volume to size ratio is unmatched, unbelievable. As for tone character I would describe it like "raw", rough, quite aggressive, less complicated in mid and hi freq compared to more hi-fi-ish cabinets I used before (Markbass NY604). Which works great for me because nowadays I prefer more vintage and less modern tone, that's why I replaced my Markbass head with Aguilar Tone Hammer head and One10 sounds like a great match to Aguilar tone.
I bet two One10s will be overkill mini-stack for most situations in mid-size venues. That's why I will definitely order another one from you quite soon :)

The packing of the box was very good, the cab arrived safe. The only little thing to improve is maybe the "Barefaced" nameplate adhesive fixing to the face of the cabinet, there's a little 1-2 mm gap between the plate and the cabinet on the right side of the plate (incomplete adhesion), but that's peanuts compared to all I described above :)

Thank you for things you do guys. And have a great day!



One10 - May 2016 (Brazil)

I finally gathered the cabs in Brazil. I arrived last month with ine cab, but had to leave the other in the USA to be brought by a friend later, which was yesterday. So, yesterday was the big (and loud) day!

I couldn't use all the potential of your cabs. At medium volume, my apartment started to shake and my neighbours calling me to complain about the noise. Hahahaha... That's the point, right!

So, I just would like to thank you very much for all your amazing support, kindness and competence! You have a superb product and I'm sure that is just a question of time to you get bigger and worldwide known.

Please check the attached photo to see my final gear. Incredible power over only 20 kg!!!

All the best!



Two10 - May 2016 (USA)

The Two 10 cab has been working out great. I've done 31 gigs with it. The portability is incredible, but more importantly, the sound has been fantastic.  The tone is warm and clear and the volume is way more than I need.  I wish I could figure out a way to hear a bit more sibilance, and I've tried a few different positions, but I guess that is just the way of the world when the speakers are pointing at your knees.  I'll keep trying to get the right height, but I don't want to add a stand to my load in if I can avoid it. I find that it only sounds right to me when it's standing on it's ported end. Otherwise the fundamental isn't strong enough for my taste. Got any suggestions?

Thanks, again



One10 - April 2016 (Australia)

I just received my One 10 and I am delighted with it.  I can’t get over the lack of weight.  Every time I pick it up I laugh!

As Claire knows I have ordered another one for the ‘bigger’ gigs. So when I use them together can you advise me the best orientation (either vertical or horizontal) in relation to the port at the bottom of the speaker.
I notice it can puff a fair bit of air, and when I have two of them together, does the orientation matter.

Also, I noticed in the two10 you mention one of the drivers has the high frequencies attenuated to aid in dispersion. I was wondering if the second box I have ordered from you should have that attenuation added to it, so that when I use the two one10’s together they acting like the two10 (excepts for the extra port of course)



Barefaced response: If using two One10s I'd stack them but it's up to you whether you stack them vertically (port down) or horizontally (port sideways). Both approaches work well but have slightly different tone - just a question of experimenting and working out what's best for you (and only changing when you're having trouble with gig acoustics). As you'll be stacking them on top of each other you don't need the crossover as in the Two10 - that's there to aid dispersion with side by side speakers. I'm glad it's amusing you! ;-)

May update
Here's my new rig, thanks to you.  The second box arrived Monday afternoon so that is amazing given you sent it the Thursday before.  The jets are getting faster methinks.
Anyway, it sounds fabulous, especially with the upright and the Glockenklang amp.  I haven't been able to get the tone I wanted until now.  Thanks again.


One10 - April 2016 (UK)

We've been using the cabs in rehearsal and individually they are more than loud enough when paired up with a tc electronics BH250 head in a group scenario.  In addition, we've also done a few bigger concerts and used the the two cabs with one head to push more air and everybody we've shown them to has been very impressed.  Two bass players we know are now actively thinking of buying either one of these or a 2 x 10 cab depending on their volume requirements. One of them currently has 2 x 15" cabs and I persuaded him to trial the two cabs we have for a gig in the local market hall and he had a grin like a Cheshire cat throughout, simply because the weight and size were so different yet he could still hear himself loud and clear.

We also did a gig in a 1200 seat theatre a few weeks back and used the two cabs for back line and stage monitoring, DIed into a 7k PA rig, which sounded fantastic, and every bass player that came along plugged in and played without any fuss and lots of positive comments.

I've attached a few pics of the cabs in action, including the set up pre soundcheck in the theatre (which gives an indication of the platform size) and a group of 11 year olds playing in the market hall for our Foodie Friday event in March.  The bass player is my son and the three friends have formed their own band called Square One and are playing quite a few gigs locally, including opening the theatre show with covers of some Smiths and Buzzcocks charts.  Not that I'm a proud dad or anything!  He's asked if he can have the same tc/Barefaced set up for home as well now, rather than his practice amp, but having just bought his younger sister a drum kit he might have to wait a bit for my wallet to recover!  I'm not sure how it happened but both my children seem to like loud, big, heavy instruments that are the same size as them.

All we need to do now is find some standard guitar amp/speaker equivalents for weight and a drum kit that packs up into nothing!

Thanks, Craig


One10 - April 2016 (Hungary)

The cab arrived safe this afternoon. That's what I call fast shipping! Thanks. It sounds huge. More details after tonight's band practice.



Two10 - March 2016 (Canada)

I received the cab safe and sound! I’m really really enjoying the sound of it so far - I still have to take it out to a gig but so far my impressions are really good! It does get louder than my other cab and it goes deeper while maintaining strength and girth. I’m not missing the tweeter that much either since there’s a lot of upper harmonic information coming out of those two tiny 10” speakers so I’m really really happy so far.

Thank you for making this process super easy :) I’m tempted to get another 210 now or a 110 so I’ll be in touch in the future!

Thanks so much!



One10 - March 2016 (USA)

I have been enjoying my new One 10 cab. I bought it primarily for practice and it has been great for that. I am in two acoustic bands, a Bluegrass trio with guitar and banjo and a Gypsy Swing Jazz group with two guitars. In both I primarily play an NS Designs electric upright (which is kind of hard to get good tone out of).  So no drums or electric guitars and for this it is perfect. When I ordered it I was in the one band and since have joined another plus jams with others so I really appreciate the compact size and lightweight portability of this cabinet. (I am in my mid 50’s.) My next smallest cab is a Bergantino CN112 and although that is small the One 10 is much easier to cart around. Tone seems good too, and for the One 10 to compare favorably to the CN112 is really saying something. Mostly for practices I use a Fender Rumble 150 head and the cab is really efficient and sounds great. In the middle of I think the third practice it really opened up and became noticeably louder and I seem to be able to get a nice sound with little eq. Haven’t gigged with it yet and I have gigs with both bands coming up but have not decided if I will use this or the CN112. Have not had a chance to use it with my Fender P or my Tonehammer 500 yet but am looking forward to that.
Also love the hoodie. This is my ultimate test of who is cool, when someone comes up to me and comments on the Barefaced Hoodie in the States I will know they are hip!

Service was great and product received promptly and in good condition. I was going to order a cover anyway but as your website says it adds some protection for long shipments so glad I did.

Quality product, quality sound, good service. A little bit of a wait but I am sure that was better than a custom shop like Green Boy, etc. ( I also considered a Crazy 8 but read too many comments about it farting out onlow notes.)

Best wishes,



Eight10 - March 2016 (UK)

So I've gigged the 810 through Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, it's been in front of 10K plus people on this tour.
Really really well done mate I have nothing but extreme love for it.



One10 - February 2016 (UK)

I just wanted to say that I performed with my barefaced cab on the 11th February in London and it was perfect. The sound was incredible and the bass was deep and boomy. Such a good sound! I'm extremely happy with it!
Thank you!



One10 - February 2016 (UK)

This is my second one 10 and I’m well happy with both. Took one to a rehearsal studio last night and all was good.
I have also gigged both as a stack and was very impressed, the only down side for you is that I don’t think I’ll ever have to purchase another cab, but you never know.
On the customer service front, again couldn’t be better.
Be assured, I recommend Barefaced to all my bass pals.
Cheers for now



One10 - February 2016 (Denmark)

I must say I’m amazed how much bass that can come out of this small cabinet. It sounds like it’s much bigger.
I bought it as a replacement for my faithful GK 112MBX alu-cab. Among others because of the low sensitivity of that cab. I must say the One 10 surpasses my old cabinet in all the ways I hoped.

It is more sensitive, it has MUCH more deep bass, and it has a more sparkling upper range. In fact, it has so much bass that I often have to turn down the bass on my amplifier (GK MB200), instead of turning the bass up.

I also very much like the cuteness of the very small cab, and also the tolex finish. The tolex finish is much nicer for the hands compared to the textured paint on my Super Compact. Is there a way that I can stop the paint spikes from scratching the skin off my fingers when I want to use the handle on the Super Compact?
The two cabinets also play wonderfully together, supplementing each others sound.
Many regards from a happy customer



Two10 - February 2016 (New Zealand)

I got my Two 10 on the 24th of December just in time before christmas!

I am loving it so far and am really impressed with the volume and response from such a small cabinet. It is just what I was looking for. And it is light!



Six10 - January 2016 (France)

I got my cab . I rehearsed with it for the first time today and it sounded great! Thank you very much, thanks to you each one of my notes sound exactly the same, all the frequencies I use are respected. I'm so glad !



One10 - January 2016 (USA)

Cab arrived today. At last something I  can lift effortlessly that sounds great right out of the box.



One10 - January 2016 (UK)

It's great, perfect for gigging around town and practicing! Definitely the 'old school' tone Alex spoke about.
I've pushed it pretty hard, I was playing in a medium sized 300 capacity venue and it was starting to break up a bit, particularly on the B string but I had it cranked and my amp is 500 watts.
TV gig was fine, just a short live performance with a choir.
People are always surprised at the volume I can get. And it pairs great with the super compact.


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