2016 - Generation 3 - 12XN range

Big Twin 2 - June 2016 (UK)

So far everything is excellent and all I had hoped for and more. It looks great and sounds better than I expected. Having fun running it in. I used a loop pedal when I had to take breaks just to help things along.
Thanks for a great service and I would be willing to allow others to try it out just let me know.

Kind regards



Big Baby 2 - June 2016 (USA)

Thanks very much for everything!  Here's the result, really just waiting for a good opportunity to shake it up w my gang here!  Neighbors below me are in their 80's and I don't want to scare them!!!

My best



Super Twin - June 2016 (USA)

I just want to thank you guys for building "THE" bass cab that I have been looking for. I have the Super Twin and it's been on it's 6th gig with me and I've had nothing but complements on the sound! Thanks again for being, as far as I'm concerned, "THE" bass cab company!



Big Baby 2 - June 2016 (USA)

Got the cab! Been playing around and it simply sounds amazing! Haven't been able to put it through its paces yet but have no doubt it'll be even more amazing as it loosens up!



Super Twin - June 2016 (Finland)

I've had great time with my super lightweight Super Twin. I've done lots of gigs with it. What really amazed me was that clear and natural sound even with high volume. It doesn't matter what amp (Ampeg, Mark Bass, Mesa Boogie) i use. And it sounds really good with double bass too.

I must say Super Twin is my primary cabinet now. I don't miss those big heavy boxes anymore :)

I will tell everybody about you and your awesome gear.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Best regards



Big Baby 2 - June 2016 (USA)
I didn’t send a note right away because I was still feeling it out for the dual purpose of bass and guitar modeling that we discussed. I can say that after using it for a couple months that it is everything that you promised. Bass is big and deep, and distorted guitar is smooth and detailed.  Being an owner of a Super Twin too, I fully expected great performance for bass, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it performs with my Kemper Profiler on guitar as well.  Being a 60/40 bassist/guitarist, it is absolutely wonderful being able to have a single rig that works equally well for both instruments. The only thing that I would note is that the cabinet needs to be stood upright when playing distorted guitar to get the tweeter away from the floor to avoid phase issues from reflections. That seems less important for bass though.

I also have been meaning to ask a question. I’m building a road case for my rig, essentially making it into a combo. Would placing an ordinary amp grill cloth in front of the BB2 affect the low end response at all by impeding the port?




Super Compact - May 2016 (UK)

Just to let you know, I bought the super compact and used it Saturday night at a London pub gig. Brilliant sound, the drummer couldn’t believe it.




Big Twin 2 - May 2016 (USA)

I could not be happier with my cab. The quality of construction, retro look and light weight are outstanding. The real joy is the SOUND!! The other fellow who plays bass and guitar in our group says "this is what a bass should sound like" Our drummer and sound man are also very impressed (and jealous) of my G-K/Barefaced Bass rig.

Thanks again for making a superior cab.



Super Compact - April 2016 (USA)

I had such a great experience with the Super Compact this weekend! Received manycompliments on the tone, fullness, and general richness of the music.  The band also loved it.

Moving the cab itself (three different venues) was a dream - so easy!

Anyway, thanks again, seriously.  This is the single most expensive piece of gear I own, and well worth the price!

You all are the best!



Big Twin 2 - April 2016 (USA)

I just wanted to write you a quick email saying that I’ve had a few weeks now with the Big Twin 2. So far, I love it! It is shockingly light and plays impressively loud. It is so light that I was afraid that it wouldn't be very strong or durable. After playing on it for a bit and moving it around, it seems I have to change my thoughts on this. It can easily take the place of my Ampeg 410hlf. It gets just as loud if not louder and weighs half as much. Easy to transport by myself and throw into the back of my car. The speakers definitely needed a bit of playing time to “open up”. They sounded stiff or not as “full” at first, but gradually became warmer and rounder (in a good way) over the course of a few practices. At first, I had my Sansamp RBI with my usual settings and thought that the speakers were “farting out” at very low volumes…then I realized that the gain (i.e. distortion) knob was up a bit and that I couldn’t even hear it through my Ampeg, but the Barefaced was so clean that I could hear it more. I wasn’t used to such low distortion/clean speakers!

I’m very happy with my BT2, so far. Thank you for making an excellent speaker cabinet.




Super Twin - April 2016 (UK)

Just a note to say I am absolutely chuffed to bits with the new cab, it sounds awesome through the new Mesa Boogie Subway D-800. Very good sound, jamming has taken on a new dimension as everybody is complementing me on my new sound.

Being 50 isn't that bad after all ;-)




Big Twin 2 - April 2016 (Switzerland)

Yesterday i was at the PA-shop of a friend and couldn't resist to buy a KV2 ESP2000 Amp to drive the BigTwin. The BigTwin just sounded best in this configuretion and it was impressiv to hear the sonic differences of several amps driving the BigTwin. Incredible how big the effect is on the tuning frequency when i plugg one or two ports as you suggested. Just for curiosity we compared the BigTwin very quickly vs. two KV2 ESR212 in stereo: there was maybe a bit more bass on the BigTwin and a bit more transients on the snare on the ESR212, but they are quite close! In short i'm very happy with the cabinet. Thanks for that.

Best regards Martin


2 x Super Midget - April 2016 (UK)

Just to let you know. Speakers arrived today, intact, unharmed and earlier than your original estimate. Wow!! I have since carefully unpacked, double checked and tried them both out at home.
All is as it should be.
Will play them out on Saturday at a gig but have a good idea what to expect. Thanks again for everything and for such a BRILLIANT product.

Kind regards,


Super Compact - July 2015 (UK)

It's been a good month with my barefaced super compact.. I'm running it with a orange bass terror and a good amount of grindy overdrive from a cog effects knightfall 66 pedal. The cab sounds really focused and clear.. Really pleased with how the cab works with my setup. I would like a bit more volume so i think in the future I may get a second SuperCompact but for the size of the cab and the weight it's a great cab!
I have been recommending Barefaced to every bassist I chat to!



Big Twin 2 - April 2016 (UK)

The cab is fantastic and I've had many an admiring comment from fellow bass-players and unless I am playing a 'function' gig with a dress code I generally wear the tee-shirt. I am also hoping to order a 1x10 in the next month or two.



Big Twin 2 - April 2016 (USA)

Just had a couple of quick comments for you on the Big Twin 2 I received the other day-- played my first gig with it on Saturday at a fairly large venue without PA support. Very loud band, and louder DJ. First comment from the soundman/roadie: "Where's your bass cabinet?" "Right here." "That?" "Yes, that!" Soundman picked it up. "Is it empty?" "I don't think so, I see speaker cones." Hooked everything up, no time for a soundcheck, right to the first set. After: "What the hell is in that thing?" "I'm not sure, I think it's nuclear." "Don't ever get rid of that. It's fantastic!" Soundman was very impressed. Drummer, too. He usually brings a QSC K12 for himself so he can feel the bass. It stayed in his van last night. Great compliments on the thump factor and tone. I've always had good tone with the 4x10 boxes I've used, but now I've got the 'wump' that I used to have when I carried a Cerwin-Vega folded horn and midpack setup way back when. Except it's in one diminutive and very deceptive box. And it weighs less than 50 pounds! You've got a great product here, Alex, and I hope you sell a million of 'em! Not cheap, but a great value, and once I get my sound really dialed in I can't imagine what could be better. And thank you so much for the fantastic shipping-- I can't believe you shipped on a Friday and I received it on Monday morning. I really appreciate that. I live in LA and I can't even get home that fast when the traffic is bad!

Keep up the good work, and best of luck! I may have to have another of your fabulous boxes one of these days!



Super Twin - March 2016 (UK)

I'm 3 gigs in and in love. It's awesome. I'll try it with my other band in a couple of weeks but my first thoughts are just amazing. No matter where I stand it sounds basically the same. It handles anything my amp throws at it regardless of Bass or Mid frequencies. The clarity is superb and I no longer have to worry about the "guitarist" lol.

I think the thing that stands out most for me though is that however I play with my fingers (or a plectrum), I can really hear the difference now. Because of this I feel more confident in my playing and although it's too early to really tell yet, I think the audience can feel that as well.

Either way I'm a fan for life and may even consider a smaller cab in the future for more intimate gigs but then again, the Super Twin is so light I probably don't need one! It's actually slightly lighter than my existing 2x10 but sounds better than my old excellent Ampeg 4x10 which weighed in at 50Kg! Did I say I thought it was awesome by the way... ;)

Thank you once again and I'll be singing your praises to all the bass players I meet in the North east!



PS I think I can safely say that I won't be taking advantage of your month's send back policy! :)


Super Compact - March 2016 (UK)

I have been a bit quiet about the SC, because at first I thought I might have made a mistake. After my immediate “that’s it” reaction to the One 10, the SC sounded a bit sterile with more of a DI sound at domestic volumes. I stuck with it though because I have long known that everything sounds different on a gig.
And it did. I had my first gig with the Rutland Big Band last night and the SC sounded superb with a Jazz bass providing the music (upright bass will come later). In a large-ish village hall with good acoustics the cab held its own without any issues at all. As a compliment, it simply did what it is supposed to do and let me get on with my playing.

I used my new Genzler Magellan 800 amp and they are a good match. The Magellan has a couple of pre-set contour curves and the “B” curve adds a bit of character to the otherwise “HiFi" SC sound. The effect is subtle but worth having.
The One 10s continue to amaze. I could have used them for last night’s gig but it is good to have the choice. I still have a lot to learn about using these cabs but for the moment the One 10 makes for the best practice and rehearsal setup I have found, and the SC suits the bigger stage or marquee.

All the best - and have a great Easter


Big Twin 2, March 2016 (USA)

So, my Big Twin 2 arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Taller/lighter than I thought – good things – and beautifully constructed. Put it through its paces at a loud gig last week – with 2 guitarists/keyboards/sax/3 vocalists and 2 drummers on a big stage - and it performed way beyond expectations. Bottom end and clarity were totally there, growled nicely when digging in (Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady”, Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and SRV’s “Tightrope” among others) with either J or P sadowsky basses, AND, big plus, it sounded great no matter where you were on stage (keyboard player took special note – he’s at the far end).

Big surprise? How noticeably and musically responsive the cab is to my playing – both dynamically in the quiet bits and tonally when varying attack playing in different spots between the bridge and neck. Actually took me a bit by surprise, especially when we hit the stage and started quietly with an old Blind Faith tune that starts in a whisper and ends in a roar. As I pretty much set controls on amp and bass for a balanced sound and keep the settings, the rest is the playing and I’ve never heard a cab that expressive or responsive to the slightest playing nuance. The cool thing was I often find myself fighting the rig to reproduce the sound I should be getting – the one I rehearsed and practiced – but there was no fighting this cab. It nailed it.

Played it with my Demeter VTBP – for next gig (much bigger hall with same band) I’ll probably roll it out with the Amebic/SWR rig which has a bit more punch/thickness on the low end, especially now that I know the Big Twin can deliver the bottom and faithfully deliver the nuances up top.

And it’s not even thoroughly broken in yet.

I was also pleased that it fits in the trunk of my car. First time that has happened - ever. YES!

Only improvement I’d recommend?? The metal corner pieces on the front port side of the cab don’t fit flush with the inner wall of cabinet (looks like they’re sized for the typical wood thickness, not the thinner frame you’re using) so there’s just a tiny gap in there that you can catch your finger on if you grab (absent mindedly) the cab by the front corners at the port opening. I caught myself on it a couple of times (no injuries).  Making it flush/tight to the inner face of the cabinet wall will eliminate that issue.  Regardless, the handles are perfectly placed and the tip back for rolling is very convenient and perfectly balanced.  I wheeled it in with one hand, carried my Demeter amp in the other and slung a double bass bag on my back. One trip. Love it.

So, long story short, this cab is staying with me! Delivers everything I was looking for and then some.

Please count me in as another very happy customer. Nice work!!!!

Thanks –



Big Baby 2, March 2016 (USA)

I love this cabinet! I tell everybody about your line. Keep up the good work. It’s a way more focused sound (especially on upright) than anything I’ve used. And the lightweight-ness is awesome.



Big Baby 2 -  March 2016 (USA)

I'm so happy with my Big Baby II.  Along with my first P bass, and my Aguilar DB751, this is one of the best gear investments I've ever made.  The glowing review in Bass Player was spot-on about it: the clarity, the power, the portability.  I've been spreading the word to other bassists in my area about Barefaced and hope to eventually get a second cabinet, too. :-)

Thanks again for such a great product and great customer service.  You've got a fan here, for sure!



Big Baby 2 (2) - March 2016 (USA)

Three months in and the cabs are absolutely wonderful. Really enjoying the portability, look, and most of all the consistently great tone! I might try to sign up for the endorsement program soon--they're a big hit with my fellow bassists in the Washington, DC area and I'd love to show them more!



Super Twin - March 2016 (UK)

Have now used the Super Twin with a GK MB 500 top for a few gigs and must tell you its brilliant.....just the sound (and ease of transport!!) I was looking for.

I might look at getting a second cab at some stage(but don't tell the wife)!!

Thanks for your help

Kind regards



Big Twin 2 - February 2016 (USA)

As you saw from my Facebook post you guys have created an amazing product. Sound is so clear, clean and full. Better than I would expect from something twice as big and 4 times as heavy. Worth the wait and glad I gave this a shot.

I used it with the new Genzler Megellan 800 and it's a winning combo. Thanks again.




Big Baby 2 - February 2016 (USA)

I just got one of you Big Baby 2 cabs. I talked to you about powering it with a Mesa Subway. Never got to try it with the Subway, but I did try it with the 600 watt Acoustic Image. The Acoustic Image did not work for me, and I must say I was a little concerned about the Big Baby purchase. Had a great talk with James Demeter and ordered his new Demeter Bass-400 (tube/class D power). I can't tell you how good my rig sounds!! The Bass-400 is running 250 watts @ 8 ohms. I'd love to get your thoughts on running a One10 with the Big Baby? Thanks for any advise.


Barefaced response: Great! The amp is critical for getting your tone happening with a BB2 because the cab is so uncoloured. Regarding the One10 with the BB2, we didn't design them to work together but some customers are doing that and liking it. It's a very different animal but it shares the BB2's ability to sound very big for its size and exhibit room-filling dispersion. A nice alternative for smaller gigs.


Big Baby 2 - February 2016 (UK)

I wanted to update you on my experiences with the Baby’s so far. I’ve played numerous gigs in a lot of different venues and have learned a lot about using them.

First thing, one cabinet is quite enough for most places I play, despite common sense saying a single 12” cab can’t go so loud and clear. I only need to use the pair in a couple of places and even then I could possibly get away without.

The cabs are extremely revealing of what you feed them, to the point that I can hear my fingering on the strings in the room at high levels, something the GK speakers used to mask. I am constantly amazed by the sound they produce, even 8 months on……

I’ve used them with my GK MB800 and on your suggestion tried them as a cab per amp using my backup GK MB800. The difference between single amp on two cabs and an amp per cab is not that great, it sounded a bit cleaner which adds up given typical class D modules have exponential levels of distortion as gain rises. Beyond that I couldn’t really hear much difference.

I bought an Ampeg SVP Pro and a Matrix GT800FX from Basschat and that has improved things a bit, there is more warmth to the sound and a much cleaner and less “heavy metal distortion” sound to the high volume sound – the Matrix amp has very low distortion all the way up to full output.

I am now at a bit of a stalemate though, I can hear an improvement but do feel the low frequency sustained bass notes are not as they could be, probably due to a switchmode supply in the Matrix amp that wasn’t really designed for bass amp use and runs out of steam when pushed hard. I have looked at the Hypex modules you said you planned to use and the PSU unit looks extremely promising, especially allied to the amp module you suggested, are you anywhere with your amp design yet ? I am tempted to buy the pair and throw them in a box fed from the Ampeg, but it really needs some work to improve it including DC heaters on the valves and some capacitor changes…..quite a bit of work for an old design.




Big Baby 2 - February 2016 (UK)

I am delighted with the cab. It sounds crystal clear and deep. Responds brilliantly to EQ from both my vintage valve head and modern solid state amps.




Super Twin - January 2016 (UK)

Loving my new super twin and seems punchier than my S12T. Together.....awsome!

I am thinking of using a Hartke LH1000 with it (currently using a GB Shuttlemax 12.2). In bridge mode,  the LH1000 uses one speakon which is fine for one cab. However, if I want to use my super twin and S12t together, do I use the "link" output on the super twin to my S12T (daisy chain)? If I do this, do I leave the LH1000 in bridge mode - or do I need to switch it back?

The manual is not clear on daisy chaining, and I would prefer to use speakon rather than 1/4 speaker cables (which is the only option for running more than one 4 OHM cab from the amp.)

Any help greatly appreciated.


Barefaced response: Glad you like it - we put so much work into that 12XN driver, trying to make a 2x12 with the punch of the Super Twelve, the sheer output of the Super Fifteen and the bottom and accuracy of the Big Twin, so I'm particularly pleased you think it even out-punches your S12T!

I just double-checked the LH1000 and as I thought, you can't bridge the LH1000 into a sub 4 ohm load, so when using both cabs you'll need to connect them to the 1/4" jacks instead, either both on one side, daisy-chained off one side, or most logically one on each side.


Super Compact - January 2016 (UK)

Just a report back on the Super Compact on it's first outing at a local pub gig we did last night. I play in an AC/DC tribute band and clearly the first requirement is to be rather loud in fact very loud!
The Barefaced Super Compact along with my MarkBass Little Mark III was up against a loud drummer, a fully cranked 50w Marshall and of course our singer.
The Barefaced/MarkBass combo looked very small on stage tucked in next to our drummer but oh my when I wound it up a bit the depth and volume was ridiculous from such a small cab.
Even with the 4ohm amp pushing the 8ohm cab and a full band volume there was still room to spare in fact I thought I was too loud especially the higher notes above D but our Guitarist was well chuffed and said leave it. It's perfect.
I only later did I realize our drummer had brought his mike kit for his drums and pushed it through the PA also.

The cab handled all a noisy big finish, bass chord thrashing bassist with absolute ease...as you say I I'd be more worried about the amp running out of puff before the cab lost it's manners.

Thanks for a superb product Alex. My money has been very wisely spent. I might even buy another SC just so as I can push the glass out the panes in the local hostelry next time!


Super Compact - January 2016 (Netherlands)

My Super Compact is a great cab! It does what it should do as you describe on your site, but for a single 12" it's performance is special! As stand alone it is just OK, (we play quite loud, 5-string bass, 2 guitars, organ).

I am thinking of buying a Super Midget to stack with the SC for the gigs we have in this tour (a very large venue to come!) and to have it as stand-alone for smaller gigs with my other 'projects'. I have had a second hand Midget Gen2 and liked it, the SM should be better!

I can wait for the second-hand chance, and like to ask you if there will be by chance a 'sale' for the SM, like the SC and ST last autumn.

Best regards,



Super Midget - January 2016 (Italy)

Obviously the Super Midget is fantastic. I, however, I noticed a difference with my "old" Super Midget; the new is less open, airy, and has less low frequency ...

I think I need more time for breaking in the new woofer! Unfortunately, or fortunately, I play jazz with the volume fairly low, and as amplifiers Acoustic Image or EA Micro 550, so ...You can give me some advice to accelerate this process?

With the previous cabinet it happened to me live in a concert with the EA Micro (gain and master at noon); to 'sudden a crazy sound!

Thanks again,



Barefaced response: Glad you're liking it. To accelerate the break in process, run a 25Hz sine wave through the cab and turn the volume up so you can feel a gentle breeze from the port but no distortion from the speaker. If you can see the cone it wants to be moving no more than 10mm total front to back.


Super Twin - January 2016 (Spain)
Until now, my experience with the Super Twin is great. As I told you, I used to rehearse with a SVT VR plus a 6x10 cabinet. Now I´ve changed to an UK-made Ashdown evo III and the SuperTwin. I will not lie to you, it doesn't sound better than the other rig, but it sounds just as poweful, clear, deep and amazing. Considering the obvious advantages of the Barefaced and the Ashdown (weight and size!), my new set-up is a clear winner. I have tried very low EQs, and very loud volumes (loud enough to drown the drummer out...), and the barefaced delivers brilliantly. Congratulations guys, your cabinets are legendary.

Changing the subject, I really like the way you are advertising your company through customers. I will be more than happy to add my name to the map, I´ll be the first one in Spain I think! Also, I will take a nice pic of my rig for your facebook page. At the place where I rehearse a few guys have already asked me about "that little cool-looking cab that sounds like thunder". I expect to be gigging in spring, I will make sure the cab sits close to the audience :)



Super Compact - January 2016 (UK)

Super Compact arrived safely as you promised.
Run the cabinet in at home for a few hours then gigged it for the first time on New Years Eve.
It was a dinner-dance function at a local hotel with a room size of around 100 quests.
The Super Compact performed superbly, loud, warm, deep and fat; just like us Old Welsh Guys like it!!!!
Thank you so much for your excellent help & support.
Kind regards


Super Midget - January 2016 (UK)

My son is more than happy with his new rig. It ticks the quality, sound, volume and portability boxes perfectly. That's some achievement!




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