2013 January - March

Big Twin T - 2nd March (France)

About the Big Twin T: As I said on previous post, quality and finish is really top. I cannot find a defect, and really happy with cosmetic.

About the sound, I try to play for a week at “house” level, and notice already, bottom end far more extended than with my usual SWR and EDEN high end  4x10 gear…

Very noticeable as well was the fact, that when I was moving around our room, I use to notice heavy change in sound response (boomy to nasily…). With BTT, not happening anymore. Wherever I move I heard and feel similar sound and tone.

Then 2 days ago, I head for first rehearsal with it:

First, about transportation, it was way more easier than anticipated: it looks big, but form factor and weight really allows to move it around very easily.

After the first “whow” from band mate, we start warming up, with moderate levels. Immediately, I’ve notice far more earth shaking action, and very clear bass definition…

First eyes crossing with band mates again, let me understand they notice huge change…

Then we really kick in  with Chic “Good times” with a quite loud level: And here, it was not only eyes crossing! Everybody was astonished and round eyes!!! The bass was present like in the original record when you play it with headphones or high end audio!!!

It was really like a dream come true. Not a “too loud” sound at all, like when you push a system out of capacity. When we finished first song, it was really lots of congratulations for fantastic bass sound! J J

We continue on other songs with similar” pleasure” dose, and I found myself digging so hard on my JB strings… I finish to hurt my fingers, but it was soooo good to make that sound through the songs. Pure pleasure here!

My feeling is really to hear some of the best music bass records, and being able to reproduce that, but really live, not on the records through headphones…. Amazing!

I used the “bass intensifier” on my SWR M² preamp (which unless was close to flat equalizer) for MJ “Human Nature”, and I was really having that fantastic tone you can hear on the record through high quality audio…. Delightful!!

And again, comments were “fantastic”…, but I know for sure that if I would have ever try to play at “half” this level with my prior gear, I’m sure it would have been really annoying, and I would have been required to go lower level.

We continue the rehearsal with same quality, and absolutely no disturbance anytime despite the high SPL.

At the end, singer said that the bass sound was really clear and articulated and very warm, guitarist and drummer were really sending kudos, and keyboard (who was always complaining about “too loud” in the past) was just telling me how the sound was nice!

At this stage, looking at my finger blister I believe I still have to tweak a little bit some of the settings (a little bit more “medium” would eventually help me to stop digging as much as I’ve done).

I know as well I have to wait for a little bit longer to get speakers goes up to their nominal specs. My crown XTI 1001 was red peak on some tunes (my guitarist told me, but didn’t seen it myself and he was unsure if it was not preamp maybe…)

I think I’ve read that it would maybe stop after speaker loose a little bit, but I still have to set a low pass filter 48 db around 42 Hz I believe?

What will you recommend?

Again Alex, I cannot say that the long wait was the best I have expected, but, as discussed numerous times, take the time to make it right, and deliver what we are waiting for!!!

Today, I’m a very happy musician, and you are giving me ability to better share this pleasure with audience…

Thanks again, and hope to read from you soon!

All the best from France to Barefaced team,  your family and baby!


Midget T - 13th February (UK)


Hi Alex,
Yes I received it last Friday but did not have chance to put it through its paces until the practice I had last night.


So far I'm very impressed. The cab is not just loud but its very clear and uncoloured. Nice to hear some deep, full bass (and that's before it had been 'run in'), with nice middle and treble too (I'm glad I went for the T model!). It was fantastic to be able to hear myself play for a change (and the rest of the band able to hear me too). Although I was playing pretty loud (it's a noisy band), I had the impression that the cab was was not stressed in the least and had bags more in reserve. Another thing I liked was that my volume settings were at half of what I usually need for the 1x10. This is great because the amp is much more comfortable at lower power. It actually cut out on me twice on my last gig with the 1x10 despite it being rated at 250W into 8ohms. It was pretty much flat out and clipping badly. I don't expect to have that problem with the Midget as it seems twice as loud at a much power level. It certainly confirmed that the driver is very efficient as you say on the site. I  was thinking that I might need a new head, but that might be less easy to justify now!

I have a gig coming up on Sunday so I will let you have another report after that..
UPDATE - 11th March:

..just to complete the update I had my first gig last week and although it was a small pub room, it was clear that the Midget had power galore and our sound guy even asked me to turn the volume down (a first) as the punters by the bar were being swamped by bass. As I was having to stand practically on top of the speaker (due to shortage of space), I had no idea how far (and well), the bass was being projected!



Super Twelve T - 22nd February (UK)

Hi Alex,

Just wanted to let you know that the black Super 12 arrived safely on Weds. My son is very happy indeed with it, it has exceeded all his expectations! He writes:

"The cab is in excellent condition, the packaging all held up fine, no problems, it even came with an extra 4 ohm cable, so if I lose one, I’ll have the other. It is so much lighter than I expected, and it even has wheels like a suitcase wheelie, so it's easily transportable. And the sound quality is astonishingly good, especially paired up with the amp head. The speakers put out every sound the amp head tells it to, which is exactly what I want it to do, so I’m very very very happy with it!"

I haven't spoken to my son yet, but when I do and if there are any extra comments I'll let you know. It's already clear that you have an excellent product. I don't mind paying more to receive something which was made with great skill and love and which is better than commercial alternatives in so many ways. It feels like my son has joined an exclusive club now that he owns a Barefacedbass Supertwelve cab. Well done and thank you!

Best wishes.


Super Twelve T - 21st February (Portugal)

Hey Alex, just wanted to give you some feedback as promised.

The Super12T has proven to be the cab i was looking for all this time, i have absolutely no need for enything else. It's clear, punchy, flat voiced, light, f*****g loud and had nothing but good comments from everybody on our latest local bass bash. The band members, especially the drumer, love it, i can even have it a bit louder than my previous cabs and nobody complaints or feels uncomfortable with the sound. I'm very happy with it and my cab GAS is cured for a while. :)

Thank you for building this cab and all the best for the Barefaced family, cheers


Big Twin T - 19th February (France)

Dear Barefaced Gang !

The Big Twin T is in its new home J

No issue on the shipment! Quality is awesome.

Started to pump some watts inside and shaking some walls. This sounds incredible… and I’m used to nice gear (Eden, SWR…)

Looking for future days to “digest” it and realize better. Will give you my opinion.

I believe it has been longer than awaiting for a baby (10 months since my deposit!!!), but tonight, I do appreciate!!!

Thanks again


Super Twelve - 18th February (UK)

Hi Alex,
Hope all is well with you.
A quick note to say that I gigged the cabinet on Saturday and was delighted with the sound.
I actually could hear what I was playing (not always a good thing) which made it so much easier in determining the tone I required.
Our drummer was very complimentary on the sound saying how clear it was in comparison to the 4 x 10 Mark cabinet I have.
The portability of the cabinet made is so much easier, especially up steep stairs.
You really have produced a winner in this cabinet and I will have no hesitation in recommending it
As an aside, do you recommend any particular make of amp that works best with the cabinet?
I heard that the Genz Benz Streamliner goes particularly well but I would appreciate any comment from yourself.
Once again, many thanks for your advice and help on this and I wish you every success with Barefaced.
Best wishes,


2x Compacts - 2nd February (UK)

Thought you might like a pic of two compacts driven by a sansamp RBI and a crown xls drivecore 1500W amp. Sounds the business.



Big Baby T - 31st January (UK)

BBT arrived this morning. Hooked it up to a GB Streamliner 900 - big punchy sound. I'm depping with a quietish Americana band at the weekend, so not a real test I know, but it will give me some idea of what is on offer. You say that the sound gets even deeper as the driver unstiffens?
If it can square up to my regular drummer and guitar player, I'll be delighted.
Thanks again.

PS Wish I'd gone for the optional pink faux-fur finish - Oh well

Update 1st February:

Cheers Bobby
I've only tried it at home yesterday but was very impressed with the warm, punchy sound from the BBT and Streamliner together - I've already found a prospective buyer for most of my MarkBass gear.
Being a complete technofool, I couldn't work out how to make the 25hz sine wave, which lasts for a few seconds, work as a continuous signal?*8-| rolling eyes
Because I don't play at stupid loud volumes, I went with the BBT and I am confident that we will be very happy together.


Full Review 12th February:

Since recently receiving my Big Baby T, I've used it with 2 separate bands - a power-trio and a 4 piece Americana outfit (2 gigs as a dep). The BBT has replaced my MarkBass Jeff Berlin combo with a MB 1-12 extension cab.
I am an 'Old School' ex-pro player - you name it, I've probably done it. Before receiving the BBT, I had reservations about whether one small cab could climb in the ring with loud guitarists and drummers, go 12 rounds, and then climb out victorious. I needn't have worried. Coupled with a Genz Benz 900 (also bought on Alex's advice) and my 1989 MM Stingray 5, the cab sounded full and crisp - with plenty of that thick 'DI sound' that I like. The SR5 sounded fat, punchy, and nice and even in all registers - and I was at last able to hear myself clearly. The bass sound elicited very positive unsolicited comments from the musos in both bands and in the audience. 
The cab really does exhibit the characteristics of a powerful 3-way studio monitor - simultaneous full bottom and sweet midrange clarity - Heavenly. I did not need to crank it up to match the rest of the band. I suspect that this little box has plenty in reserve.
The BBT definitely does what it says on the packet - Cheers Alex and the boys for the BBT and re-writing the bass cab paradigm - well done I love it.
Affectionately and respectfully yours,

Super Twelve T - 22nd January (Finland)

Hi Alex
Now the first rehearsals are done with S12T. The superb quality of sound came more and more obvious. The effects came more through, new setups needed with them. No probs with octaver, actually octaves were better divided and heard than before. The focus, clarity and definition of sound was amazing!!!! I heard myself through the band mix much better and helped me to play more accurate lines with better timing. But there was enough low end, "balls", for sure!

I also ran a side- by-side test with Ampeg SVT 610 Anniversary cab with same amp (AMP BH520) and setup. Ampeg is more round sounding and low, but S12T got more delicate sound and clarity. They are different, not much but still. Ampeg is straight rock cab, S12T is all-around cab for the sound enthusiastics!!!!!!

Summary: I am so proud to have S12T. I was expecting much but it gave me much more. I was looking for the best medium sized cab available and I am convinced already that I have got it. Period.
Thank you so much for making this possible and having this gorgeus cabinet!!! Long live Barefaced!!!


Super Twelve T - 8th January (UK)

It arrived here all safe, it actually turned up the day after you sent it, but I was not in, had to wait til after christmas to get it. Only used it twice so far but all seems in order! It is damn solid! I think I prefer the black grill to the vintage cloth! 

Thanks very much!


'69er - 3rd January (UK)

Hi Alex,

I was going to e-mail you today but you've beaten me to it.

The cab is brilliant.  The sound of an 8x10 but a fraction of the weight would have been enough but the 69er goes way beyond that.  My G string has come back, I can actually hear it again.  Infact, every note is even.  I am impressed.  Unfortunately it has shown up the inadequacies in my bass.  I've had to dress the frets and set it up again as the fret buzz that I hadn't heard before had become a bit prominent.  Good comments from the rest of the band and the audience as well.

It was a pleasure to meet both yourself and Harry and I had a great time chatting to you and how's the rendering going?

As I left I remembered seeing the Who in 1969 on Hastings Pier and thought that you might be interested.  The P.A. was unusual to say the least.  15 of Townsend's torn and battered 4x12s and Marshall 8x10s stacked either side of the stage and a stack of 10 Wem 100w slaves behind the right hand stack with Bob Pridden standing next to it controlling the out front sound with a 5 channel Wem audio master.  No holdback then though.  When I entered the pier there was a great smell of burning resistors in the air.

Wishing you both all the best in the New Year,

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