2013 - Generation 3

Super Compact - 24th December (UK)

Loving my Super Compact, lots of favourable comments on the sound I get from musicians much better than me! It projects really well with agood fat tone when needed. However, there are a couple of songs we play where I feel more brightness would be a great improvement, say when slapping/popping. I use a Stingray Classic 4 string and a TC BH250. Trebble setting on amp is always on full, and guitar trebble is usually half to full. Considering upping to a Big Baby 2 or adding a Super Midget (tweetered speaker cabs). Whadaya think? Yeah, I know it's Christmas & New Year, so don't expect a reply anytime soon. Keep up the good work, wishing you all the best and a prosperous 2014.
Best Regards

[Barefaced responds: Glad the SC is performing well. I think I'd lean towards the BB2 as it'll be a great standalone whilst with the SM you might want to always take the SC to fill out the bottom more - and you can still use it with the SC for very loud (or outdoor gigs)]


Super Twin - 24th December (Germany)

The cab arrived yesterday. Count me as a thrilled customer. I'm sure I'll be in touch just as soon as I realize that I need to add a Midget or a Compact to the stack. :)

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!


Super Midget - 23rd December (Spain)

The Super Midget arrived a few days ago. I´ve tried it at home and used it in a gig and  can describe it in a word: WONDERFUL.The Compact is good but the Super Midget is even better and paired them together = THE BOMB.
You´re making great gear and I know your business is going right up day after day.
You don´t need luck ´cause you already have it but anyway my best wishes for you and Barefaced in 2014.Have a Merry Christmas!!!
Best regards,


Super Twin - 22nd December (Slovenia)

I have made some quick testing and... it was worth waiting...., you definitely know how to make quality bass cabinet.Of course, testing with band and in live situation will follow but I am almost 100% sure that the box will perform excelent...


Super Twin - 22nd December (UK)

Couldn't stop smiling all practice!! It sounds amazing!!!


Big Baby 2 - 18th December (UK)

Here’s some initial bits & pieces about my BB2…..teamed with a new (secondhand) Markbass Tube 500.
It has more 'air' in the sound than the Markbass 15 I nearly bought 6/7 years ago and more punch/poke than the Markbass 12 I walked away (and have been totally happy) with.1st gig - It has a big bottom that sits beautifully in the mix w/out need for lots of volume.Really honest sounding - you get what you put in.Best bit so far is the transient response. Things I thought I just couldn't quite execute, or had previously sounded a tiny bit mushy were suddenly flying out of the speaker exactly as intended with fabulous clarity!Just one gig in (unfortunately) - but some cracking comments from fellow band members, just loving the sound.Had the pedal board through it while practicing - it really allows the fx to 'sound' with great clarity.2nd gig with pedalboard - LOTS of great comments from both the guitarists. Once again the fx all sounded with great clarity. The bottom is big (again).Response still ace.It sits in the mix really, really well. I couldn’t believe the volume knob was so low….!It presents itself without overwhelming/booming/nastiness etc. And it carries really well, off axis and across the band.….and it makes me sound like a better player! (Which hopefully really means my old cab didn’t allow me to sound as good as I was….!)
Sorry it’s a bit bullet point.REALLY pleased. Consider the trial period over - you’re not getting it back!
Cheers, Dave.


Big Baby 2 - 15th December (UK)

You guys... what can I say. The Big Baby 2 has literally improved my life as a musician. So far I've gigged the cabinet with a violin, cello, electric & double bass .. I've also used it as a monitor for my electronic set. The best investment I've made so far. It blows my old SWR 4x10 out of the water.. 
Thank you!!


Big Twin 2 - 15th December (UK)

Thank you for the safe delivery of the big twin 2 on Wednesday.  I rehearsed with it Thursday and gigged it Friday. Initial thoughts are that its a great looking cab - theres always a load of crap on basschat about aesthetics of your product, but I absolutely love the look of it.  Its much better finished than previous gens (which I liked), and you can see the time and effort that goes into them.  The new grilles are great and the new handles and feet are lovely.  It also fits perfectly in the boot of a skoda fabia - made to measure!  which means there's still seats in the car to get others to the gig!  brilliant Running this with my ashdown ABM, I've found I've had to cut more bass than I'm used to and surprisingly I have been using the tweeter at around 10-15% which I'm surprised about but I find it gives my sound a bit more bite which I really like.  The sub-bass effect that I use intermittently is tremendous through it!  The cab just eats it up and kicks it out - its the first time I've played and come off stage and had compliments on my tone, which is a great feeling, and I have your cab to thank for that! I just wanted to check that the Cab will be fine with the DOD meatbox FX32 at loud volumes - it sends the ashdown preamp to max, the cones move a fair bit more than normal (which I guess you'd expect).  It wont cause any thermal failure ahead of mechanical would it?  There was a faint electrical smell during rehearsal when engaged, but I thought that may have been the ashdown as it was pretty warm and hasn't been run out for a while.  We platy louder in rehearsal than live....so far.

[Barefaced responds: Great stuff! Push it as hard as you like, Meatbox and all - it can take it!]


Big Twin 2- 12th December (UK)

Just thought I would update you on my BT2, after a 5 month wait, I can report that it has been worth it! I was a little apprehensive about whether it would produce what I was looking for, having been used to 2 4x10's. At the first gig the band all gave it the once over and lifted it up etc! "I think your gonna have to send that back, It looks like something from the 70's!" was our drummers analogy! But after the first gig we all agreed that it is in no doubt far superior to my previous trace rigg! I can't get over how deep it is on my standard eq setting's, in a good way!, rich and creamy not boomy at all. I have the midrange driver all the way up and the clarity is astounding and not harsh.


Big Twin 2 - 6th December (UK)

Amazing!! Thanks Alex and co! 


Big Baby 2 - 3rd December (UK)

thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Initial thoughts were somewhat mixed, but I guess that's because the Big Baby T was already so good. The BBT seems to have a certain flavour to its sound that is different to the BB2 and I think I'm just accustomed to the BBT now. However, after a little time out and going back to listening to the BB2 in isolation (not A/B-ing it) it sounds smooth and transparent. I guess the bass response will open up a bit more as I use it....which will start on Sunday for a 4 hour rehearsal. So far I'm impressed and will stick at it to see how it goes.
All the best and keep up the good work


Big Baby 2 - 14th November (Denmark)

Wanted to let you know that I received my Big Baby 2, speakon lead and t-shirt. All in one piece =)The cab looks stunnning, feels sturdy and is nice and light. Can't wait till I break the speaker in.
Best regards-Pete


Big Twin 2 - 22nd November (UK)

Cab arrived at lunch time.I've had a chance to set her up at home under relatively low volume.Even limited this way the sound is stunning - so much more bottom & clarity than my old set up. I'll post a pic of my set up to FB as soon as I get chance Many thanks guys Smile emoticon Regards Kev


Super Midget - 29th October (France)

I'm very happy with my new cab.It looks great !It sounds great !I compare it with my Ampeg 12" cab :more precision, more bottom, very regular on all frequencies of my bass, etc ...Really a great cab !!!


Super Compact - 24th October (UK)

I'm going to have to learn how to play all over again;The combination of Barefaced and Acoustic image is crystal clear.Every little thing faithfully and loudly reproduced.Very like my Linn HiFi, in fact.It would be very musical, if I was
Valves and big boxes hide a multitude of evils!(Trace Elliot V6 and 8x10 cab)
Only at living room volume, so farPractice tomorrow morning at slightly louder volume will tell me more
I didn't know your speakons could take 1/4" as wellIs that new?

[Barefaced responds: Yes, they're speakon+1/4" jack combi sockets, very handy for when you forget your speakon lead!]


Super Twin - 22nd October (UK)

Got to try out the super twin all over the weekend. Great tone remarkable really when u think its a box with 2  x12s it's everything u said. I didn't fully appreciate the weight until I had to lug it 50 yds on Sunday. Brilliant. Thanks. Could do with a cover though as I'm sure it's gonna get knocks. Posted good things on your FB.   and thanks for all your help. Really refreshing these days. Regards Paul


Super Compact - 19th October (UK)

Loving the cab, doing great in rehearsals and I'm just on the way to the first gig with it and planing on doing recording in the weeks to follow too.


Super Compact - 20th October (UK)

Thanks so much for producing such a great piece of kit.Here is my honest, (and hopefully useful) feedback.
I am using my Super Compact with a new TC Electronic BH250, creatinga very neat, light and portable rig (mini-rig?). My bass is a MusicMan Stingray Classic, maple neck, 4 string withadjustable mutes, 2 EQ. Bottom-end is lovely (can I say that?), and it projects into a roomvery well, rather than dissipating or disappearing just a few feetaway. Mid-range, when played on its own sound very hard and a bit harsh tome, but when playing with the band and 'in the mix', it's just rightfor cutting through. We play covers ranging from Johnny Cash to The Clash, Free to FranzFerdinand, all sorts. I play finger style 80%, pick 19%, slap 1%. Top end 'brightness' is somewhat muted I think. Even with my guitartreble up full, and the amp treble up full. This is only apparent on the rare songs that involve a bit of 'slappingand poping'. I tried my new cab along with a friends original Midget at arehearsal.  Piggin' loud and much brighter,  Brilliant! Overall, the cab has more 'growl' than I anticipated, great for thebigger rock numbers. Sounds clean when treated gently too. So if you know anyone wanting to trade up from a Midget,   let me know please!

[Barefaced responds: Glad to hear it's working well! The original Midget has more upper midrange and lower treble bite - it isn't as clean through there as the Super Midget - but it doesn't actually have any more treble extension out in the room. If you're hearing growl then it's coming from either your bass or amp - it's a very clean cab but it'll reproduce any texture accurately - you'd need a huge amount of power to get the speaker overdriving and growling itself.]

24th December update:
Loving my Super Compact, lots of favourable comments on the sound Iget from musicians much better than me! It projects really well with agood fat tone when needed.
However, there are a couple of songs we play where I feel morebrightness would be a great improvement, say when slapping/popping.
I use a Stingray Classic 4 string and a TC BH250. Trebble setting onamp is always on full, and guitar trebble is usually half to full.
Considering upping to a Big Baby 2 or adding a Super Midget (tweeteredspeaker cabs).

[Barefaced responds: Glad the SC is performing well. I think I'd lean towards the BB2 as it'll be a great standalone whilst with the SM you might want to always take the SC to fill out the bottom more - and you can still use it with the SC for very loud (or outdoor gigs).]


Super Compact - 16th October (UK)

Thanks so much for giving Dan and me so much of your valuable time today, much appreciated. The bass cab is awesome, just had a short blast of it this evening after getting back to the smoke!

10th December update:
Thought you might like this photo of your cab and my Burns Black Bison Bass - the bass cab is brilliant, the sound is incredible and the output, even with one cab is quite extraordinary.
Do hope you will be able to let me have the other cab in time for our big gig in early February 2014 - I really need it by Feb 7th at the latest - will that be OK?
Kind regards and Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to you all at Barefaced - may 2014 be even more successful for you all - you have an amazing product - thank you.


Super Twin - 15th October (UK)

...just thought I'd give you an update on the cab, now I've had a chance to reset my pedal board and my ears.  Wow... I played my first gig with it at The Nest in Dalston last Friday. It sounded incredible. I think it's the first time I've ever had the exactly the same sound I set up in the studio, with me on stage, clear as a bell. I didn't even have to turn it up that loud, it was just there the whole time from the first note to the last, tons of lovely authoritative bottom all the time with a clear, cutting but transparent top end, that could be aggressive, but still let me here the rest of the band perfectly. I have never enjoyed playing live as much, it was brilliant. I know that it is the last bass cabinet I will probably ever have to buy.  Thank you. Kind regards Raph


Big Twin 2 - 12th October (UK)

Just finished the gig. Got the cab before hand.......just! Had to drive to the depot to get it myself. The driver had the cab out all day, just didn't bother delivering it. I'll take it up with Fed ex customer service tomorrow, they were as useful as a chocolate fire guard last night right enough. Didn't get a chance to set up properly, just a plug n play gig as I was late due to having to drive to the depot. Flat settings with the Iamp, with the preset I normally use to cut a bit of nasal mids, didn't really cut it live tonight. Had to use the parametric to dial out the nasally mids and boosted the bottom end and high end quite a bit to get the low end and string slap I'm used to. I'll get to mess around tomorrow, and let the drivers settle in, hopefully that will reduce the need for any more drastic eq. i'll let you know how i get on. The cab is stunning by the way. Congrats on the finish, it is a stunning cab, and the weight.....compared to the Aggy 412 it's a dream.Thanks for all your help Alex, much appreciated,

[Barefaced responds:

1. Max HF level is fully anti-clockwise, like opening a tap

2. There are no gaps in the midrange so as you're playing rockabilly I wouldn't be surprised if you had to do some extreme EQ to remove sonic nasties caused by the less than perfect ways of picking up an upright's sound that work in a high SPL environment, especially for slap. Same as if you were DI'ing into a great PA system.

3. Your Aguilar 412 will have been adding a mid-bass hump, probably around 150Hz, if you're looking to replicate that.]

12th October update:
Need a bit if help i think. Studio rehearsal today using the cab, It's definitely not plug and play. My eq settings are really extreme, a lot more than I expected. My Iamp usually sounds great flat, even straight into our good PA speakers. I'm having a real hard time with the lows and mids. With the compression driver off and only the 12" drivers the mids are very nasal, so i cut the offending frequencies on my Solstice preamp and the Iamp. When I introduce the highs/mids I'm getting nice highs, but i don't hear as much smooth midrange as I expected from the mid/ high driver. If I boost at 150, the drivers look like they are going to jump out the baffle, and when I boost at this frequency I'm fighting boom all the time. I want to love this cab, I'd appreciate your thoughts,

[Barefaced responds: First thing I'd do is turn the HF driver up most of the way and then cut highs on the amp if you need to. The cab is only going to give you smooth mids if the mids going in are smooth - it is very detailed and will show up everything. Without being there it's hard for me to advise what to do as upright slap is very complex and depends on the pickup situation, however I can suggest a method:

You need to play whilst someone boosts each EQ band about 1/3 of the way and sweeps the frequency up and down. It's down to you to tell them either when you like the boost or if you particularly dislike that boost. If you like it get them to adjust the amount of boost until it sounds best. If you don't like it, go from boost to cut by 1/3 and then tweak the frequency up and down a bit until it sounds best, then adjust the amount of cut until it sounds best. Do this for each frequency band and then note down the settings (take a photo!)

You'll probably have to go around a few times as changing one band will affect what frequency and boost/cut sounds best on the other bands. You might like to try from scratch a few times but starting with a different frequency band each time and then compare the results. Your Aguilar 4x12" has some pretty big dips in the mids and the tweeter comes it much higher than when the woofers start beaming so the mids will sound a lot less clear and detailed. You might like to start with the mids when sorting your EQ actually.

If it sounds good, don't worry if the 12" drivers are moving a lot - they're designed to do that, they can handle almost 1" peak to peak. 150Hz is the infamous boom frequency so maybe that wasn't a good starting suggestion! Bear in mind that the iAmp has very powerful EQ and small amounts of boost or cut will make a big difference. Try the preshapes too! And make sure that all your batteries and leads are good and that none of your gain stages are being overdriven. Let us know how you get on.]

13th October update:
Thanks for your in depth reply Alex,Had a much better time today with the cab. The bottom end is monstrous! Looks like I might need to change out my preamp though. Need more control over the mids. It's a Dtar solstice. Nice unit, but I've always had my reservations regarding the frequencies with the low and mid knobs. If I cut these completely leave the highs midway and run the Iamp flat with one of the pre sets engaged (mid cut) it's sounding much more like a true representation of my acoustic bass sound. Huge bottom end, Some mid range honk still around at high volume, but the sound is miles better for the Rockabilly slap sound. When i start using the iamps eq things get really messy really quickly. Very different sound from all my previous cabs, but definitely moving in the right direction. Playing again tomorrow, see how that goes! Thanks again,Sy.

[Barefaced responds: Glad to hear it's working well, thanks for that review on basschat - hearing (and more importantly, playing through!) is believing. :-)]

22nd October update:
Having a great time playing now! Played earlier today, the tone from my gut strings totally comes through, It just brings a smile every time I play. Still thinking about changing out my preamp from the Solstice to the new vintage revolution Acoustic box. The cab takes eq so well I think I could improve even more on my tone. Thanks for all your help throughout, much appreciated my friend.


69er - 5th October (Luxembourg)

First I want to let you know that I had the opportunity in the meantime to play the 69er at a (long) rehearsal and the result was excellent, I got easily the sound I wanted with the Mywatt and our drummer said that he could hear me much better than with the Accugrooves.
At the next rehearsal I will test it with Aguilar DB 750.

Update - 19th November
The cab is doing really fine on a gig, combined with actube amp. Nice creamy lows and crispy highs.


Super Twin - 4th October (UK)

Super Twin arrived in good order and tested last night... sounds awsome. Nice T-shirt too! Thanks very much


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