2012 June - December

Super Twelve T & Compact - 28th December (Netherlands)

Here is my customer review after having gigged my S12T and Compact for 6 months.

First of all, I am one of the few bass players from the Netherlands who uses Barefaced Cabs. I played through an Aguilar DB750, GS410 and GS210 rig for 8 years. I must say that I was really happy with this rig and although I am a sucker for new gear, I have not been looking around to replace is because I loved the sound and sheer power.

The only thing I did not like about the Aguilar rig was the weight and, in the end, I just did not want to drag it around anymore…In my search for a lighter yet powerful setup I read about Barefaced. I did not have the chance to hear the cabs in the Netherlands before I ordered them, so I bought them based on customer reviews only (scary/exiting). The free trail period helped me making the decision though…After 6 months I could not be happier! When the cabs arrived I had already sold my Aguilar rig so I did not have the chance to A/B them.

Based on experience and memory I had the feeling that the Aggies had a little bit more low-end and sounded a bit fuller as stand-alone. At first I was a little bit disappointed about the barefaced cabs but I soon found out that I should not be judging the sound stand-alone but on stage in a band situation!

With the Aguilar rig I used to cut the low end a bit in order to lose the boominess  and boost the mids slightly, to get more definition (with PA support). Now with the Barefaced cabs I have lots and lots of deep bass but without it being too boomy, lose or woolly. I can hear every note I play with lots of definition (with the tweeter set to 50%). I use the EQ on my amp now for matters of taste instead of fixing problems.

I did also change my amp so the comparison is not completely honest but I still use almost the same pre: Aguilar DB659. I use this to drive a great but totally unknown lightweight poweramp: 1HE, 7,4 kg. 2x1200 W@ 2ohm, made in Germany by http://pr-electronic.com/welcome_e.htm. (Terrible website but great personal customer service!!!)

My new Barefaced cabs sound great! My rig has all the power and pressure I need, from small bars to big outdoor stages. I can hear myself a lot better at a lower sound level (happy sound engineer) and they made my life as a bass player a lot easier!The S12T alone can handle enough power to be sufficient for almost any indoor gig. But the Compact is so super simple to grab (with one hand… on my way out), that I play mostly on both cabs (if the venue lets me).

The S12T and Compact together are approximately the same weight as my old GS210 ALONE!!!! It stays fun to see the local crew’s faces when they pick up my speakers ;-) I have heard the “box full of air” joke quite a few times now….

The only downside to the lack of weight is that my stack is not as solid as my former heavier rig. I am always afraid that a gentle bump or a slightly moving stage is enough to tip it over. Luckily this has not happened so far! I would recommend these cabs to anyone!


'69er - 18th December

Original Review avaliable on Basschat

Barefaced '69er 6x10 sealed cab, 4Ω

The concept behind the Barefaced '69er is to make a cab that emulates the tone of the classic original sealed 1969 8x10, but is smaller, lighter, has greater power handling and better sound dispersion.
I'd love to compare this with the 1969 8x10 and the Berg NV610, and provide concise data based on various specific frequencies etc., but unfortunately I'm not technical in that way at all, I'm just a bass player who knows what tone he likes, so apologies in advance for the meaningless, intangible tone descriptions.

The Gear:

Posted Image

  • 1978 Fender Precision, with Rotosound Trubass strings.
  • Wood & Tronics Ergon 5. Chambered mahogany body, three-piece maple neck and kingwood board.Brass nut. Häussel jazzbucker & jazz single coil pickups. East S2 preamp. Controls are volume/pickup pan, humbucker/single coil switch, bass and treble (with internal frequency dials). EB Cobalt strings.
  • Red Iron amp (with some modifications done by John Chambers of Champ Electronics). 100w all valve. 2 x 6SL7s (Tung Sol) in the pre and 2 x KT88s (JJ) in the power. Self-made case. Controls are gain, bass, mid, treble and master.


The Style:
I mostly play reggae. I also play 60s & 70s rock and funk.
My reggae band has a simple setup with bass, drums, clean guitar and single vox, so there's not much competition for the bass frequencies.

The Testing Environment:
I've played with it a fair bit at home, at band practices in rehearsal studios and two gigs in medium sized venues.

Build Quality:
I'm not used to the thin ply construction of Barefaced Cabs, so it doesn't seem as solid as a cab with more old school construction. However, these are strengthened with some very clever bracing, and I'm sure there will be no issues.
It has recessed side handles, which are plastic, presumably to save weight. These don't feel mega strong, and creak a bit when you lift the cab. Again, I'll assume that these are up to the job until events prove otherwise.
The finish is that rough paint, which seems pretty tough and knock-resistant. Apparently if this does get chipped, you can just touch it up with similar paint.
The speakon sockets sit proud on the back. I'd prefer these to be recessed for protection, especially as I slide it on its back into the car.
I've just ordered a cover to protect it, but overall I'm quite sure it's a very strong and well built cab.

It's a 6x10 measuring 3ft x 2ft x 13", so obviously doesn't compare to modern compact cabs in terms of practicality.
I can't imagine a cab this size being lighter or as easy to move around. It's 55lb/25kg with the cloth grille option. It can be lifted by one person for short distances/lifts easily enough, and between two people it's barely noticeable. As if that's not easy enough, it also has tilt-back castors and a top rear strap handle for wheeling across reasonably smooth surfaces.
It fits in the cupboard under my stairs, it fits in the (admittedly large) boot of my car without putting the seats down.
In short, as long as you don't need to lug it up lots of stairs on your own, it's very practical.

My previous cab was a 2x10 ported Ear Candy, which I replaced because I wanted more volume. It certainly has that, with broadband sensitivity at 102db, it's a sensitive cab and I have no volume issues when paired with my amp, which puts out 96W rms
With the Ergon, I had to play around with the eq a fair bit at first, as I was used to boosting the bass eq on my amp and instrument to get that fat reggae tone, but this setting was sounding a bit muddy at higher volumes with the '69er. The solution was to back the bass off on the amp, and I had instant clarity. Alex reckons this is because my amp eq is voiced more highly than that of my Ergon, so those boomy mid/upper bass frequencies got eliminated. My best description would be clear and even, with a lovely rich woody/hollow tone.
With the Precision, it was a bit more instant. With the amp eq pretty much flat, and the instrument tone backed off just a bit, I had that lovely plummy punchy sound which is also rich and even.
I also experimented with overdriving the amp, and again, I had the distortion I love from that amp, but clearer and a lovely rich timbre.
As you can guess, the main themes are evenness, clarity and richness. I was maybe expecting something more naturally aggressive, and an emphasis on the mids, and it wouldn't be hard to get this if required, but it has a natural evenness across the range. I'm able to very clearly hear the characteristics of the different basses - I've had this clarity before with my old EA rig, but this has an extra fullness that I love.
I wasn't expecting this, but if I ever played with a bright tone, that would be achievable, and I certainly can't imagine needing more low end, and I play reggae!

Customer Service:
Well, I wouldn't judge Alex from this experience alone, as this is the very first production example of the '69er, so has taken quite a bit longer than the average cab. It was actually a thread on Basschat two years ago where I asked advice on the best cab for my needs, and decided on the '69er.
I finally had the money ready in April 2012 so contacted Alex to let him know. We exchanged a few emails to make sure that this was the correct cab for me, and the deposit went down on 22nd June with an estimated 6-8 week delivery. I won't go into details, but will just say that I had to do the chasing up to get any kind of progress report. I recieved it on 7th December!
In short, I'm a very patient person, but was quite frustrated, not by the delays so much, as I'm sure that these were unavoidable, but by the lack of communication. On the plus side, Alex is friendly, helpful and knowlegable when it comes to giving advice.

As soon as my brain gets used to the fact that something so lightweight can be super strong, I'll relax a bit more. It's easy to lug about, and has impressed me with its evenness, richness of tone and versatility. Barefaced offer a 30 day return policy if you're not 100% happy with their cab, well he's not getting this one back!


Compact - 23rd December (UK)

Hello Bobby, (EDIT: he means Alex) Missing you in that magazine, it aint the same. Anyway, just to let you know that my compact has been working splendedly during the run up to Christmas, plenty of gigs at the mo all types of music from trio jazz to 5 piece rock\roll and dance\swing band stuff. without a doubt one of the best buys ive ever made. Stairs dont scare me anymore. Anyway Bobby all the best for Christmas and for the New Year. Regards


Big Twin - 6th December

Just got back from a tour of OZ and 'strewth' the support band in Sydney were using a big twin!A very nice chap called G. from bondi guitars to be precise who had nothing but good things to say about barefaced.
Thought I'd share that with you.


Compact - 30th November (UK)

Just wanted to say the cab was recieved a couple of weeks ago and since then I've rehearsed twice with it and have done one gig and I absolutely love the cab.


Compact - 25th November (US)

Hi Alex or Bobby,

It's been almost a year since I received my Compact and I have to say it has not only met, but, exceeded all my expectations and has been one of the most satisfying gear purchases I've made in my almost 50 years of playing bass. So much so that I've decided to sell my Schroeders and buy another Barefaced. I don't really need the extra volume so much (although I did have an outdoor gig this summer that I could have used more and had to go to the Scroeders) as I'll need a backup cab. The question is: Should it be another Compact or a Midget? I'm leaning toward the Midget as it seems to give me more versatility (smaller, lighter for lower volume gigs) as opposed to a slight increase in sensitivity (1db SPL). According to your website there will not be a significant difference in tone between the two, either individually or stacked on the existing Compact. Am I correct in this inference? Please send me your feedback as I'd like to make the decision within the next 2 weeks.



Big Twin - 21st November (Portugal)

Subject: I am shocked


Dear Sirs, I play the bass guitar since 1993. I have been very fortunate in my music career, as I probably have played in more than 1000 concerts. A good part of them were in medium to big venues. During these great years, I had opportunity to try dozens and dozens of bass gear. I always had places to keep the gear and went into meetings of the Portuguese bass community, a great chance to have a taste on what you read in the forums and web stores. I Never lost money with basses, but with amps and speakers it has been a total disaster :). And even worst when the new era of the neodymium and Class D if you know what I mean. A good friend of mine (P.B. from Portugal), bought one of your speakers (The Big Twin) and I had to write you about it: It was the most powerful and best sounding speaker I have heard. Milles away from any other stuff available in the market. I don’t know how you have managed it but OMG it’s a killer Cab! Low end, definition, tight response, easy to carry (regarding size), huge headroom... etc etc etc I was looking for a 4x10 cab in a lower price range as I now have a family and the music life is far from easy, but I couldn’t go forward with the deal after I heard and played for about 6 hours with the big twin !! lol. I hope to have the enough money soon to buy one. It was the first time I felt that a piece of gear was made to please the active musician and not foolish anyone with market moves. All the best for you guys!


Compact - 16th November (UK)

Hi Alex,Received the cabinet yesterday thanks. By luck we had a band practice last night. Anyway,the cabinet is very good, I had to adjust the EQ on the Orange BT during the evening as the bass tone thickened (over about 3 hours). All notes on the fretboard seem to be easily heard and not lost in the mix anymore, much better than my previous cabinet. Looking forward to hearing it at the next gig.Thanks againCheers
PS let me know if you ever do PA speakers in the future.


Big Baby T & Midget T - 12th November (UK)

Hi Alex, here is my review of the Big Baby T.

I’m “over the moon”, this is what my Cerwin Vega B36 MF should have sounded like in 1978! I have sold my Compact, but kept the Midget T for its portability. I’ve considered what you say about the Midget and Big Baby not working well together. I can partially overcome some of the problems by powering each cab with a separate amp and adjusting volume/tone as required for each. I know this isn’t perfect, but if the occasion arose it would give me more volume. My heart would like to buy a second Big Baby T, but it would lie in my hall all year unused…..I hadn’t used the Midget+Compact together for over a year! Review For me, this is how the Big Baby t compares to the BF Midget t and the Compact. When I first powered it, oh that’s scooped, but that was my tone settings for the Midget. Reset the Streamliner controls to 12 (o’clock) that’s better. It is beautifully deep and the top end sounds smoother with the paper cone 6.5 in. speaker going up to 9K. There is a 5dB pad on the 6.5 in. speaker, I had that switched in at first, but as the woofer bedded in, there wasn’t enough mid/top for me, so the pad is now switched out. I have the tweeter set to about one quarter turn on. The Streamliner tone controls are now bass 10, mid 12, treble 12 approx. and with the Shuttle 9, bass 1, mid 12, treble 11.There is the feeling of a much bigger bass rig than the size of the cab suggests, I’m still happy carrying the extra 14lbs as the sound puts a big smile on your face, even at low levels. It doesn’t have the upper mid bump that the midget has, and the low end is smoother than the Compact. It sounds cleaner and more like a big hi fi cab. I don’t know how loud it will go without breakup, not had a chance to try this yet, but the amp volume controls are at about the same place as I had with the Midget or Compact when used separately, so I don’t find the lower sensitivity an issue. I don’t think I have the gigs that could justify adding a Big Baby sub at the moment, and if I did, perhaps the Sub would overpower the 6.5 and tweeter for me, so maybe a second Big Baby t would be the way to go if that amount of power was needed. I think you would have to be playing in a loud rock band, or open air gigs to need this.


Midget & Compact - 9th November (Netherlands)

Hi Alex,

As promised my Midget impressions after some use...

(Simple summary =J!!!)

Yep, first impressions were right – what a killer wee cab! A couple of months in and the Midget is basically everything I'd hoped. Compared to my Compact there is definitely some more upper mid punch around 2.5 kHz. And less natural lows of course, but plenty available with some amp EQ’ing. Like the Compact it also has plenty  top end for all my own needs. No tweeter needed for me and I often do use more aggressive rocking sounds. So working very nicely for me, and I'm simply loving the tones.

The driver has broken in noticeably with early use, loosening off, sweetening up, and with a noticeably bigger bottom end now. So less bass EQ from the amp needed than at first for a great balance. And this thing can certainly kick it all out when you push things, just amazing performance for such a tiny cab. It may be both tiny and featherweight, but the sounds and performance certainly aren’t either. Not only can I get nice modern punchy driving sounds, but fat ‘old school’ á la John Paul Jones in Zeppelin is no problem at all.  I’d agree, any gig a nice traditional 1x15 could do, this cab will handle too. For an old(er) player like me the shift in expectations takes quite some adjusting to. For others on first exposure this little ‘box’ remains a complete revelation…

Main amps I've used it with so far:

Orange OR120 'Overdrive’: [Basically a very ‘loud 'n dirty’ all valve guitar amp, this was my main bass amp for many years. Now mainly used for adding some dirt to another cleaner amp.]

Not the ultimate Midget combination as, though powerful, these amps have relatively limited clean headroom for bass, are very low and  low-mids heavy, and the cab itself is naturally that bit more high mids focussed. Can work well enough, but tonally for me the Compact does fit this amp better. Fair enough.

Hiwatt DR103 Custom 100: [These superb amps have great EQ circuits and can do most bass sounds really well without external help. IMO Hiwatts are the best sounding simple straight valve amps for bass ever made. They can also get the very best tonally out of pretty much any cab…]

Works a treat with the Midget, sounding really big, present, and punchy, even at lowish volumes. My DR103 with its current old Mullard EL34 power valves measured 135W before distortion. The Midget is certainly efficient enough for that to be plenty for small - medium pub / club gigs. For recording or general use this combination gives me as good core bass tones as I've had - anywhere. The Compact was already really nice with it, but on sheer tone for my tastes the Midget edges it here. Literally up with the very best bass sounds I’ve ever heard, let alone had. And I’ve been playing bass for over 30 years. Delighted!

Genz Benz Streamliner STM900: [Lightweight = 3kg head. Sweet and simple 3 valve preamp with 3 band EQ, (modified ‘Baxandall’ bass + treble EQ, separate mids control at 3 selectable frequencies), feeding an almighty 500W @ 8 ohms / 900W @ 4 ohms class D power amp.]
Well this combination is just astonishing! Unlike the other class D amps I’ve heard this amp does do a great impression of an old fashioned all valve powerhouse. It can pump out a phenomenal amount of rich, fat, yet still punchy low end. Perfect partner for really getting the ultimate ‘big’ bass sounds from the Midget I’d say. With most cabs (like my excellent Tecamp M212 - bought before discovering Barefaced!) this amp needs a fair bit of bass cut, often down to say 09:30 - 10:00 clock face. With the Compact I'm usually setting to somewhere around 10:00 - 11:00. The Midget likes the bass about 12:00 - still leaving oceans more low end on tap if wanted. Given more the cab not only takes it happily but it pushes it right out there up to very healthy gig volumes. Works well with all my fretted basses, and with my main fretless a simple healthy mids boost (600Hz to about 15:00) is just perfection. Unbelievably big rich full punchy sounds from a tiny 12kg rig which could easily carry many loudish pub gigs with performance to spare. In fact the Compact would actually seem like overkill with this amp for many situations! Sure a Midget won’t handle all gigs (volume wise), but what it will do is very surprising indeed. So STM900 + Midget = truly astonishing performance and tones, seemingly from nowhere.

Midget / Compact combination:

Yeah as promised they complement each other and work together perfectly. A little compromise EQ trim – setting things roughly between what is needed for the cabs individually - and bang, monster sounds and capability. Frankly with the 900W / 4 ohms from the Streamliner I’ll probably never need to push the two cabs very hard at all. Admittedly I’ve never been too power hungry, always preferring great tone over sheer volume and tending to work with like-minded musicians. But even so this isn’t a small rig, the capabilities are genuinely fully grown - great room filling sounds with plenty power in reserve. Honestly though for most STM900 gigs I’ll happily get away with either the Compact or Midget alone.  Also impressive is the way that the sound (either cab or both together) remains relatively unchanged at different volume levels. I’m finding when going from quiet practice to real gig volumes much smaller changes in EQ are needed than with most other cabs I’ve used. Even really full sounds at living room volumes sounds are quite possible.

As ever a bit of care with positioning is key to getting the very best results in different rooms / halls. I’ll usually use a ‘Gramma’ isolation platform to keep things nicely tight and controlled. (What’s the news on your ‘IsoWedge’ blocks Alex?) And I’ll sometimes add my small 4-band fully parametric EQ for slight ‘sweetening’ and / or dealing with specific room frequencies, along with a ‘Sansamp’ preamp for switchable tone shifts e.g. for different basses or styles. 

Criticisms? Not really. Still no visible serial number. You tell me mine is M6 – I’ll just have to take your word on that! ;)

Other than that, basically zilch, zip, zero. Tonally for me this, along with the Compact, is about as good sounding as bass cabs get. And being single driver cabs they are so easy to mike up. Pushed for a tonal preference I’d have to say the Compact with the bad old Orange, but for me the Midget edges it with both the GB and Hiwatt amps. Both for recording and live use I think it’ll always astonish. I’m even getting great results (either cab!) with my tiny fretless acoustic electric Kala U-Bass, ramping up the ‘where the???? is all that sound all coming from?’ factor yet further.

The bad news? Well sorry Alex, I guess I’m pretty much done buying bass cabs now. That’s me sorted – probably for life. (Unless you can convince that me I really need a Midget T – which I don’t! Or to trade my 8 ohms Tecamp M212 for a 4 ohms Super Twelve – good luck on that one too!)

Still I’ll definitely be out there spreading the word. (= Barefaced!) I’ll most likely be saying things in Dutch like:

‘Als je een box voor volgende week wilt, ga na de winkel. Als je een box voor levenslang gebruik wilt hebben, bel maar Alex!


‘If you want a cab for next week, hit a shop. If you want one for life, speak to Alex!’)

So thanks again to you and all at Barefaced Mr C.

The Midget is a wee giant killer and I love it, at least as much as the wonderful Compact. Much respect – they were both totally worth the wait!


Compact & Midget - 1st November (UK)

Hi alex i did my first gig with my compact and midget last night and I've got to say that I adore my cabs the depth and clarity was just outstanding and the fact that I could put my bass on my back and one cab in each hand and stroll into the venue just blew me away. Thank you very much well worth the wait. The only problem I have is that my genz is so light that it was bouncing about on top of the cab and at one point I nearly lost it. Is there any way I could get some small pots to screw on top of the cab for my head to sit into if so could you recommend somewhere I could by some?

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Super Twelve T - 29th October (UK)

Hey Alex, Just a quick message to say that the S12T performed really well this weekend. I'm really happy with it, despite not really giving it much prior time to run in. Over a wide range of music styles, my sound was coming through clean and clear across the entire tonal range of the 5 string Dingwall. The bottom end sounded terrific, mellow and clean when needed but with a nice sharp attack and punch when switched over to the bridge pickup, even on the low B. (Which I've never heard played with such clear presence & pronunciation when mixed in against a mic'd up kick drum and overdriven guitar). I'm still a little curious to try out the Big Twin, but I can't fault your recommendations.

Thanks & Best Wishes.


Big Baby T - 23rd October (UK)

Many thanks 'Bobby' - the cab has exceeded my expectations....I'll be giving it a spin at the Cambridge jazz jam tonight.

Keep up the incredible quality!



Compact - 17th October (UK)

Hi Alex, Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the cab! It works really well with the Shuttle Max 6.0, so much so that I've ditched using any fx pedals for the time being and starting to find my sound from scratch again. The sound is so clear and crisp at all levels of loudness, and boy is it loud! I feel rather smug with the knowledge that in the unlikely situation that this kit isn't loud enough, then I could add a midget or another compact! I've had a mess around using it with harmonica too - again, I've done away with my fx pedals and can get a nice dirty sound using the tube channel on the amp. So, we can safely say that you have another extremely satisfied customer! Thanks and best wishes,


Super Fifteen - 9th October (UK)

Hey Alex, got a chance to play my superfifteen at a loud practice lastnight and it was the best cab sound ive ever had! cant wait to play iton my tour! thanks for getting it to me before i went, we're doingsome videos etc on my gear soon and ill be sure to spread thebarefaced love in vids and on tour!


Big Baby T - 8th October (UK)

Hello chaps,

Firstly, it sounds bloody amazing so thank you very much indeed.

Best wishes

Phill Jupitus


Super Twelve - 28th September (Via Basschat)

Hi Alex thought I would just say hello and let you know how my cab is getting on, The Super 12 is doing really well it's handled a few 3 hour practices with ease! And a handful of loud punk gigs!

I've started to create mad set ups in my head which involve the Shuttle 9 into the Super 12, then having my Trace Elliot 600-12 into two midgets and somehow connecting the two...........I'm not even gigging at the moment :D actually I'm not actually in a band either.......but that's another story lol

Glad to see your business is going really well!


Midget - 24th September (UK)

The cab turned up friday, its a monster! Played a pub gig and I could actually hear myself and the tone was stunning, warm and punchy. I have a feeling I'll be throwing out the packaging tomorrow!regards


Compact - 7th September (Ireland)

Gigged the compact last night. Room was terrible, but compact still sounded good.It's very clear and articulate…. theres not wolly like other 15s I've had.  It seems like it has bags of lovely low end volume too, I'll be gigging it tonight and tomorrow  too in bigger rooms.  I have a feeling that it'll be loud enough on it's own for what I need, but I also have a feeling that I'm really going to like it with the midget on top!  I'll keep you updated.  The size and weight is outrageous, it's amazingly small and light for what it does.

Thanks again,


Super Twelve - 7th September (UK)

Thanks for inventing the super 12. It's really made a huge difference and band practices, (and especially gigs) just sound immense. Every sound engineer has praised your cab and has always asked me for the details. You'll be a billionaire in no time! :)


Midget T & Compact - 7th September (UK)

Hi Alex,

the verdict so far.I have used the Midget T on x1 gig and x1 rehersal now.

The gig was with a pub rock covers band. The drummer used to play with 'The Anti Knowhere League' and has the loudest kit you can imagine!! I had the Midget and compact with a Harley Benton 500w head, I started with everything flat but had to add some low mid, bottom end warmth. Master volume was on number 2 and it was loud!! I used a P bass with a few FX, big muff and bass synth. The sound was hi-fi I would say. I turned the tweeter down to just under halfway. Very happy.

The rehearsal was with a funk band and I took just the Midget. I used a RW jazz bass and no FX. Same HB head + master volume was on 1. I really wanted to crank it up but it was a quied reheasal!!

So, I am very pleased. The roqsolid cover fits the Midget handle now. Cant wait for tomorrow nights gig. Rock band again, tiny pub. Drummer may be using a digital kit as his acoustic kit is too big and too loud. I haven't decided what to take yet. Compact on its own or Compact and Midget, with tweeter turned all the way down??


Super Twelve T - 7th September (UK)

Played a gig recently, I used the super 12T with a Genz Benz Shuttle 12.2. What a sound, we took a break half way through the set and I was getting compliments left right and centre. Everybody commenting on the solid punch from the bass, they said it was like listening to a different band. One guy even went so far as to say we had the best live sound he'd heard yet (and he himself has been playing for some years with various bands.) I went back on stage for the second half feeling a million dollars.

Many thanks Alex, you build super gear and my back wasn't broke either transporting it. It's so portable, well done yourself.



Midget T - 21st August (Portugal)

Hi Alex, i just wanted to give you some feedback on my Midget T. After a few months of having it and giging with it through either a Shuttle 9.0 or a Walkabout i can say that this cab is really great. Very clear and defined, has all the mid freqs that i found missing in many cabs i've owned in the past. It can't handle a significant low-end but i already expected it from the start and i really don't need/want it on stage. Being me a stubborn person i couldn't not try to apply the silver cloth to it so i'm attaching some pics of my results. ;)

Best regards and thank you for my great cab ;)


Super Twelve T - 15th August (Netherlands)

So far I think it's awesome. But that’s based on the looks, finish, footprint, weight and some homepractising. By now about 4 hours break-in time and the thin sound out-of-the-box is slowly disappearing. The real test will be bandpractise next week where I can feed the beast more current ;)

For me the combination with the Glockenklang Blue soul is a golden one, the detail and responsiveness I expected. Not many cabs can handle a Glock, but yours definitely can. I'll keep you posted about my experiences after some real life use. And thanks for designing and building these cabs, I really think there is something special going on. Maybe not a revolution, but surely an evolutionary step.

Best regards,

Big Baby T x2 - 20th July Update (US)

They are still slamming, and really are getting worked/moved around a LOT (25 gigs + rehearsals in June alone). It's getting on to be about a year now. I havent checked in awhile but is has to be close to 220-230 shows.


Compact - 20th July (UK)

Hi Bobby,

The cab arrived this morning, and I've been playing through it pretty much all day! Love it. There's so much clarity I'm going to have to tidy up my technique! Took a few minutes to dial in that punchy sound I've been after for aaages. It's darn loud too. I don't think my neighbours like me anymore.Anyway, thanks for making me such an amazing cab!



Super Twelve T - 18 July (Finland)

I have been very pleased with the cab! Very light and good sounding! It was very positive surprise when playing my double bass!

Best regards


Super Twelve T - 10th July (UK)

Hey Barefaced

I've had a little time alone with the S12 and my Sterling + Terror - it's awesome. I couldn't believe how good it looks first of all. It sounds incredible (but you knew that already), I'll be having a week long band practice soon followed by a couple of gigs so will let you know how I get on with it then.

Thanks again guys!


Super Twelve T - 6th July (UK)

Hey Alex thought I'd let you know your super twelve T is going out on some gigs with Tulisa. Sounding great as usual!



Compact - 2nd July (UK)

I bought a Barefaced Compact from you at the beginning of this year. I've absolutely loved the sound, weight, quality and general performance. Certainly leagues ahead of anything else I've ever used. That being said, I'm looking for just a little bit more top end from my setup. Perhaps it's because I'm used to practising through headphones and the full response that I get from that, but I've found the roll-off at around 2-3kHz to be a bit limiting at times. I'm wanting to get that little bit of top end articulation I'm used to when I practise. I'm considering purchasing a Midget T to compliment my Compact and give me a set-up with a frequency response that covers the full range of the instrument. I had a look and noticed that you don't actually offer a Midget T with a silver cloth. Is this because a metal grill is needed to protect the tweeter right at the front of the cab, or is there another reason for it? Would a silver cloth be a possibility, or would you recommend against it? I bought my Compact with a silver cloth (didn't have the foresight to check if I could get a matching Midget T) and think it might look a bit odd having a black Midget sat on top of it!



Super Twelve T - 29th June (UK)

I was just about to email to say I got the cab and I'm currently running it in with the 25hz audio :) Really impressed with the build quality and I'm itching to play thru it later and gig it tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes! Cheers,

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