2011 May - August

A selection of the feedback over this period, there's more buried amongst our emails!

Compact - 31st August (UK)

All good so far: Surprised at the volume , playing virtually at previous settings on gain and output. Will be able to check it out off stage during performance this weekend as I can spend time off stage with transmitter pack. Very odd to see my wife carry compact from car  into and out of gig. I am playing up three floors next week , so the weight will make that easier. Sound is very clear , quite retro if asked, seemed to get a bit louder on saturday during the gig, had to turn it down a bit , rest of band also impressed. Does everything I have asked of it yet. I think that you are probably a genius or an alien, this design should not work on paper . Not only does it sound good it look good too , Well screwed together . Thanks Keith


Super Twelve T - 16th August (UK)

Just a bit of feedback on your cab, I love it, it’s as simple as that. Best cab I have owned and I have had a few. Rob
Update - 17th August: The first gig was a rock covers gig with 2 marshal half stacks and a loud drummer and it was fine even though it was pa supported, the second gig was with an elvis tribute and no pa support, I loaded a 6x10 in the car as  I was convinced the 2x12 would not cope and at the last minute I changed my mind and took your cab, it was ample loud enough, the tone is just what I was looking for, and I had volume to spare.
It’s the tone for me Alex it is exactly what I was looking for, the horn is very harsh and you only need it on a touch, I would normally set a horn at 50 to 60% with yours I backed it off to about 10%. I was depping for the Elvis tribute and the bass player that normally plays for them runs a peavey 4x10 and 1x15 rig, you should have seen their faces when I turned up with your little cab.  I had plenty of compliments after from some people that follow the band every week and they said it was a pleasure to hear every bass note for a change rather than just have a subsonic rumble
Update - 5th September: I have a larger gig next week in a marquee with perhaps 2000 people in, obviously I will have full PA support etc and monitoring, do you think I will be ok with the super 12?  I still have a 4 ohm 410xlt and a 4 ohm 210xst that I could take instead as My Eden WT550 will powered them both, plan b could be the super 12 and an Eden cab, or just risk the super 12. Robert
[Barefaced responds: Personally I'd be surprised if the Super Twelve isn't fine - the PA support massively reduces the demand on the cab. Of course the worst you'll have, should the PA prove to be feeble, is that your amp might run out of power so you'll lose some bottom and sound a bit grindier - it's not like there'll be any risk at all of damaging the cab.]

Update - 12th September: I ummed and ahhed and loaded the Eden rig, then took it all out and took the Super 12, in a nutshell the sound engineers had to ask me to turn my back line down as it was too loud. Problem solved, Eden equipment now on e bay Regards Rob PS If you ever get anyone up NW that wants to try my cab please feel free to let them get in touch


Midget - 10th August (UK)

After a few dozen gigs with the non-tweeter Midget I’m still as happy as on day one. The amp is an Orange Terror 500, generally set to about 3/10 on the gain and 5/10 on the volume, and so far the Midget has coped just fine on a range of pub, club and marquee gigs – and that’s backline only, with zero PA support. Admittedly we’re a fairly subtle soul/country/blues outfit and the guitarist is ‘only’ using a 30-watt 1x12”, but we’ve also got acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, two horn players and the drummer can crack on… so that’s truly impressive. The tone is round and articulate, with no lower-mid boom – it sits beautifully in the mix. My last two cabs were both well-regarded 2x10s weighing 60lbs apiece: the Midget is half the size, a third of the weight, not just as loud but most likely louder, and tonally superior – for me – at any volume. It's probably the most capable piece of bass equipment I’ve owned. Many thanks.Rick


Midget & Compact - 3rd August (UK)

Just to let you know the Midget arrived safe and sound. Used the Compact last night at rehearsal, and was very pleased with it. Had the same depth and presence as my Eden Nemesis 410, but much easier on the back. Only real difference was I had to push the volume a bit more - my 410 is a very loud cab, but I still only needed my amp on 5. Great lows, never boomy, just solid, and the highs also came through with authority. Couldn`t be happier with it.
Can`t wait to use the pair together though. At home use, I can hear the added "bite" that the Midget is giving, this is great, as last night I was selecting the Ultra-Hi on my amp, to  have the highs have a "snap". I can tell that with the Midget, I`m not going to need this.
Thanks again for quality service, and product.


Big Baby T - 31st July (UK)

I finally got to try out the Big Baby last night at a gig. It was great! My bandmates were really impressed with the clarity and volume. I felt much more connected to my bass, the sound coming out of the cabinet felt right...before with my ashdown i felt a bit disconnected, it's hard to explain.
At one point though the Crown clipped and shut down for a few seconds...I wasn't even playing that loud at that point so i figured i must be doing something wrong. I've just discovered that i think i'm using the wrong speakon cable. Mine is wired 2+ 2- at both ends but i've just read that if you're running an amp in bridge-mono, one connector will need to be wired +1 +2 (amp end) and the other end +1 -1 (cab end). Can you shed any light on this?
Do you know where i can buy a Speakon cable wired this way? I can't find anything online!
Also can you tell me what the difference is between the 2 speakon sockets on the back of the cabinet?
[Barefaced responds: I'll post you a bridging wired speakon this week, not sure who sells them otherwise. The speakon sockets are identical, no difference at all - wired in parallel in case you add a Baby Sub at some point!]
I actually discovered that the speakon i currently own is a 4 pole one with 1+ 1-/ 2+ 2- at both ends, so I just re-wired it so that the only way to move current is now from the 1+ and 2+ at the amp end and they go to 1+ 1- at the cab end. This seems to have solved the problem and now the speaker is LOUD. As long as that sounds right to you then no need to worry about sending me a bridging wired speakon, thanks a lot for the offer though!
[Barefaced responds: That's exactly right - you're now getting full power! LOUD is good.]


Super Twelve T - 16th July (UK)

Some updated feedback for you.
2 rehearsals and 5 gigs with the cab now (pub and club no PA support ) The verdict is, this one is a definate " keeper " Using a Rickenbacker 4003 and a Markbass LM Tube i get a great full sound with nice gritty growl with a real bass thump and not a hint of muddines. With a Lakland P Bass its the same story punchy and bass to flap the front rows trousers but all with definition. And boy is it loud !,, i can now shift my whole rig and bass in in one trip.
Utopia? Its damn close.
Any minus points
Initially not keen on the sprayed finish but its proved as tough as old boots so i will go with that one, Took me ages to find the tweeter knob lol.
Thanks for a truly brilliant cab


Super Twelve - 11th July (UK)

Hey just dropping a line to say i've gigged/rehearsed my Super12 a few times since i got it and well.... WHOA!!!! i play an active Hohner B Bass V and a passive P through a Trace Elliot AH=600H and have yet to get it past Noon. The pinnacle came when playing a local venue that has super high roofs and a very theatre esque set up. We had no PA support aside from vocals and snare drum. Thankfully its just me and a drummer. But 2 songs into our set the manager of the restaurant ACROSS THE ROAD asked us to turn down as the diners couldn't talk over the sound from my amp. Now i'm sorry about their meal but well.... Hell YES not only do you get clarity and even tone you get meal-ruining volume in buckets. Thankyou Barefaced you're my only hope!


Midget & Compact - 7th June (UK)

We spoke a while ago, I originally bought a Compact from you last year. It is still doing sterling service, am continually impressed with it. I am now looking to get a standard non tweeter black grill midget.
Update - 11th August
Thanks, received the cab this morning. Sounds great, looking forward to using it tomorrow with the compact.You make the best cabs around.


Super Twelve T - 6th May (UK)

Just thought I'd drop in and let you know how I've been getting on with the S12T so far. :-)

To be blunt, the first time I plugged it in I shat bricks. The strings I was using had a couple of months wear on them, but the cab made them sound like they were brand new out of the packet. I tried out a few different tones from my bass, and the next thing that hit me was how incredibly aggressive it sounded with the Musicman pickup. Every single note snarled at me like an angry Rottweiler - very promising start.

Then I tried it out in a rehearsal, and the rest of my band shat bricks as well. I use a fair amount of slap and two-handed tapping stuff in our music, and even with a couple of 7-stringers through an ENGL Powerball and a Marshall JVM at high gain to contend with, you can hear every single note thundering through as clear as a bell, with nowhere near as much compression as I would have used previously. Punchy doesn't even begin to cover it!

Only gigged with it twice so far, but judging by the audience reactions, I think we'll have enough bricks to build a house soon enough. Especially when I kick in the bass boost from the amp head - holy cats, I swear you can actually feel your bones rattle. That low end is absolutely ridiculous in a big room, and I mean that in the best possible way. Very tight, rich and well defined. During the first show I feared that it might have been a little too much to get away with, and after we played I asked for opinions from a few people in the crowd who I know and trust. They all said it was fine - it didn't really feel any louder, just a hell of a lot BIGGER.

So yeah, in case you missed it: I, my band mates, and all the other people I've shown are very, very impressed. It's performing far beyond what I could have expected, and perhaps the best thing of all is that I can get it in the boot of my car without having to fold the seats down, so there's lots more room for groupies. Never could have pulled that one off with a 4x10!

Looking forward to hearing how it sounds on a recording now - this weekend I'm playing on a grindcore album for some friends in another local band, so that aggression and low end thump is sure to come in handy. :-)

Thanks again mate - you've saved my tone! I'd recommend your cabs in a heartbeat to anyone that asks.

All the best,

Collision Process


Super Twelve T - 6th May (UK)

Had first rehearsal with new Rig last night - just used a passive Fender P-bass. Really pleased but couldn't really wind it up that far due to the VOLUME. With the gain and master volume at 12 o'clock it drowned the rest of the band out (great!) At the end, a bass player from the band who were rehearsing next door came in to check it out and I wound it up further and played some power chords - he was gobsmacked! His rig, he said, was about 3 times the size but sounded 3 times less powerful!!! My starting point is to set the amps EQ fairly flat and gradually start dialling in more or less of whatever. I don't obsess too much about constantly fiddling with the amp once I find a decent sound, I tend to just fine tune it using the bass's tone control and always run the pickups on full, certainly on single PU basses. A Fender Jazz , for example, is a bit different - got to roll off a bit of the neck PU volume to find the 'sweet spot'

Next rehearsal, will take a couple of active basses with me. What I am very pleased with is that the rig faithfully reproduces the sound of the instrument without colouring the sound in any way and I have always believed that that is the sign of a very good amp/cab set up. The amp has compression but it is quite transparent whereas with other amps the compression function affects the tone and flattens the dynamics too much.

Ah, effortless power and headroom at last. You're not having it back - its mine!!!!!

many thanks

Andrew D.

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