2010 July - December

22/12/2010 - Super Twelve T

Thought you might be interested in the Super 12 T that I managed to crank up last night.....

When first plugged in (just using bass, cable, amp, cable, cab) there was a bit of an odd noise when playing - like a fading in and out of the sound, like a loose connection.  There was also some distortion, even at low volume, although both problems seemed to go away after about 10 minutes - I thought it might be the amp which had just come in from the cold and so condensation related, though I wonder if very, very new speakers behave like that.

Also, boy this thing is loud.  Normally with two 8 ohm cabs I set the amp at somewhere between 5 and 6, well with the S12T it was set at about 4 which was more than enough.  Makes me wonder if I will need a second cab at all in the near future!

As for sound, it seems pretty even across the frequency range and it didn't seem to lose it at all even on the B string tuned to A.  Standing in front of it you could really feel every single note that I played.  We practice in a church so more than about 5 meters from the cab everything gets a bit lost.  For the record, I got a satisfying sound by enabling "pre shape" on the Trace head which scoops the frequency range then boosting the 340 and 660 Hz EQ sliders a bit to give some of the middle back.  Others in the band were struck by how clean everything sounded and how it cut through really well.

All in all very pleased indeed and definitely a keeper.





27/11/2010 - Midget T + Compact

I've owned a compact for a while, and taken it out to a couple of rehearsals, and gigged once. I added the midget to the setup not because I really needed to, but because I could, and I wanted to get the full 900w out of the shuttle. I also thought it would mean with or without PA support, I'd be covered.

My band had the first weekend rehearsal in about 8 months yesterday, so it was a great opportunity to take the rig out and see how it performed both in terms of transport and performance.  My full set up is Bass: Feline Thunderbird, Amp: Genz Shuttle 9, Cabs: Barefaced Compact + Midget, Effects: Weeping Demon/VT Bass deluxe/Blowtorch/TC Nova Modulator/SMMwHazarai.

First off, I was on my own going to the studio. I use public transport - a train to Waterloo and it’s a short walk either end of things. I did have the assistance of a decent trolley and some ratchet ties, but I was still nervous about loading and unloading. This rig is ridiculously light!! and I mean ridiculous. Obviously the specs tell you everything you need to know in this area, but it’s still pretty unbelievable when I pulled the trolley (loaded with the two cabs), bass, amp and effects board down the road with ease (I am a rather unfit late twenty something (30) fella, average build), and I mean ease. Loading the two cabs on to the train (a 2ft lift and small gap to watch) was accomplished with one hand, and my right foot. Again I found this really, really easy! I owned an Ashdown Mag 115 deep previously, and I'm adamant that these two cabs together are lighter and far more manageable than that ever was! At the other end of the station, a similar fashioned demount and off to the pub for an hour before getting into rehearsing. So its light!

Setting the rig up in the rehearsal room left me feeling a bit weird. Reasonably large room, and they had provided a peavey head, trace 115 and ampeg 115 for the bass player. I set mine up a little way from it and it looked tiny. Like a rig for hobbits, or the borrowers. I did have a little smirk on my face though, as I knew what both were capable of.

So I fired things up, drummer got going, and the guitarist was wasted (running a jcm2000(?) with a 412). I ran the Genz flat. Absolutely flat, with everything at noon - both gains, eq and master volume. Wow!! It absolutely sang! I then engaged the VT bass for some heavy-ish grit and it was thunderous . Our first song, and I couldn’t believe how much presence this little set up has. I got thumped in the chest, could hear absolutely everything I was playing crystal clear, and had to turn the volume down a little through the song as it was too loud!! Everything comes through it amazingly - all the effects I run, together, on their own, any combination. I also traverse a few bass tones through our set - I have a thick clean bassy bass tone for a bit of an 80's dance influenced thing, some ballsy grit (most used) for some pelican/cult of lunar type stuff we do, and more mid type sound for some more hardcopre sections (if you can describe them as that).

Everything cut through so well. The midget does add a bit of 'anger' to things, but in such a way that where I was cutting through the mix (easily) with the compact alone last time, the midget adds another dimension – that extra little bit of punch, presence and volume - it’s amazing.

The load home, via the pub, was drunken - but just as easy. I think I gave the train a bit of a bump when loading and unloading, and the trolley did jump out as I was leaving, and all is unscathed and happy.  First gig, sadly is in March with this for a wedding……I can’t wait!!  No more GAS!!


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