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(This is the old Barefaced Bass website, which has not been updated since 2018)

At Barefaced we're confident that between our seven models we have the right cab for 99% of bass players, from hi-fi to vintage, from tiny to insanely loud. Click here for a quick summary of the options.

Please get in touch for advice on anything bass amplification related - we know lots and we're always happy to help, even if it's not directly related to buying one of our cabs!

The most useful info for us is what amps & cabs (or combo) you're currently using and what you like/dislike about them.

If you're not sure whether you need a cab with a tweeter or HF driver then let us know what strings you have on your basses and how new/old you like them best.


**** UPDATE NOVEMBER 2018****

We have opened a new web store at


You can now contact us through the message box here.

Or alternatively email us at

We know it's a big decision purchasing a bass cab of this quality - we will do our best to make sure that you have the best choice for your needs and we'll work with you before or after to ensure you have an amp that suits your tone and SPL requirements. It's a big outlay but you should still be playing this same Barefaced cab many years after you'd have upgraded from any other cab: Real value rather than low cost!



Our direct email address is and telephone is 01273 945959 (+44 1273 945959 for overseas enquiries).

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